5 Super Cheap Dollarama Home Item Ideas From TikTok That'll Upgrade Your Space (VIDEOS)

Decorate your space without breaking the bank!

5 Super Cheap Dollarama Home Item Ideas From TikTok That'll Upgrade Your Space (VIDEOS)

If you're looking to upgrade your home decor without spending a fortune, Dollarama is the place to pick up some cute and affordable items.

Whether you're looking for little items to add some personality to a room or you want to make a full-on light fixture for a fraction of what it would cost at a big-box store, TikTok has some quality ideas to give you a little inspo.

User @lifebyjessica showed off some adorable salt and pepper shakers they picked up at Dollarama that would definitely look cute on a dining room table, as well as a few colourful cutting boards.

Just because they're everyday basic products doesn't mean they have to be boring!


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And @angeleekaja showed this simple way to transform pretty much any surface into fancy-looking faux marble.

All you need is a couple of rolls of shelving paper, which cost $1.25 each, and a smooth surface to achieve this affordable upgrade.


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If you're looking for a challenge, @onthecheaptip shared how they created an actual light fixture out of bathmats and wreaths.

Although they noted that they did have to take a break to sit on the ground cry for a bit while making it, the end result is pretty darn impressive.


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They also shared how they managed to make a cool focal headboard for their room instead of shelling out big bucks for a real one.

All they did was take squares of renter-friendly removable wallpaper and adhere them to the wall behind their bed in a square. Easy and so pleasing!


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And TikTok user @jocebedard shared their Dollarama finds, which included a "cool mirror tray" that would definitely add a dose of glamour to your bookshelf, makeup table or desk.

You could even use it as a little tea tray if you're feeling fancy!


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Easy and affordable!

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