A Woman Refused To Tip A Waitress For 'Rude' Service & People On TikTok Were Not Impressed

"When your service sucks, here's your tip," she said.

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A Woman Refused To Tip A Waitress For 'Rude' Service & People On TikTok Were Not Impressed

A TikToker is facing some major backlash for calling out her server online, after she shared a dinner receipt that shows the message "Do Better!!!" written instead of a tip.

The TikToker alleges that she received terrible service from her waitress while out for food at the Metro Diner in Matthews, North Carolina.

The woman posted about her experience on TikTok, seemingly hoping to receive validation for her decision not to tip. However, she was met with quite the opposite response.


I had such a rude waitress. #fyp #badservice #charlotte

In the TikTok, which was captioned "I had such a rude waitress," the woman says: "When your service sucked, here's your tip b****."

But she didn't quite get an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

The video, which has now racked almost 400K views on the app, was filled with comments calling the woman out for her treatment of the waitress.

One user even left a comment saying, "Every restaurant is short staffed right now, especially in the Charlotte area. She is probably doing the best she can. YOU do better."

Another viewer commented, "Just called Metro Diner and left her a 10 dollar tip for you boo ❤️."

People who had worked in the service industry as servers also left their opinions on the situation, with one viewer commenting, "You are the reason that I quit serving. If anyone's rude, it's you, sweetheart."

Meanwhile, others agreed with the TikToker's decision and left comments defending her

"Tips are for showing gratitude when a server does a good job," one person wrote. "Some of you guys are forgetting that they aren't mandatory."

Eventually, the TikToker came out with another video to follow up on the situation and address the hate she was receiving.

"There are so many people going back and forth with each other just over a tip, which I didn't have to put on camera," said the TikToker.

"I went back and gave Hailey a tip because it's getting so out of hand. Just because she gave me poor service doesn't mean I had to treat her poorly."

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