Someone Shared The 'Most Offensive Tipping Option' & It Started A Huge Debate In Toronto

Does 18% need improvement?

People eating at a restaurant in Toronto.
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People eating at a restaurant in Toronto.

Tipping culture in Toronto is quite a conversation starter, especially when you express your views on Reddit and a whole swarm of comments comes flying in.

Someone on Reddit posted a comment about the "most offensive tipping options" they've come across, and over 1,000 people responded in the thread.

Apparently, the Redditor went to a bar in Toronto, which they wouldn't disclose the name of, and when they went to pay for their drinks, they got the machine with five tipping options available.

They said that it's not the idea that they saw the 18% tipping option that made them question the process, but rather the descriptions underneath.

They stated that the options were "18% (Needs improvement)," "20% (Kay)," "25% (Good enough)," "30% (Great job)," and "Other."

"The idea that I'm tipping 18% and it's written out that I'm insulting the bartender somehow and they need improvement is awful. I've never felt so manipulated into tipping 25% with the idea of anything below that is a negative review of them somehow. Yuck," they added.

The conversation developed into people talking about what the 18% tip actually means.

One Redditor said, "The thing that irks me a bit is most times the tip is calculated after the tax has been added. So an 18% tip is actually higher. I'm also Leary if shady owners that take a cut of tips, tips are cash only."

Another talked about the idea of tipping in the first place and that "there's no reason" to tip to cover someone else's wage. "The restaurant should be paying properly."

One person talked about tipping when ordering take-out and questioned who actually gets that money. They were hoping it was the "real heroes" in the kitchen but weren't sure.

Are you worried about the percentages increasing? Well, this Redditor is saying that "10-15% used to be fairly standard as a tip. Now it's 20-25%."

"People act like the PERCENTAGE should increase along with cost of living. No, this is why it's a PERCENTAGE," they added.

In other words, the Reddit thread is getting so much attention about the tipping culture in Toronto. But, many aren't sure who the tips are going to or where the tipping culture is headed. What are your thoughts on this controversial conversation?

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Mira Nabulsi
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