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A Woman Ripped The 'Pressure To Tip' At Coffee Shops & TikTok Has So Many Horror Stories

"The awkward moment when they can see what you’re tipping."

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A TikTok user mocks coffee shop tipping culture.

A TikTok user mocks coffee shop tipping culture.

Do baristas deserve a 25% tip just for pouring you a coffee and adding a bit of cream? Or do you need to see a little something extra before you give them anything at all?

TikTok has erupted with a fresh round of thoughts about tipping culture at cafes after a wildly popular video mocked that "awkward" moment when you're asked to tip via iPad.

Lower-tech coffee shops simply leave out a tip jar, but the newer Square terminals put you on the spot with the tip — and it sounds like people are not big fans.

TikTok user Aubrey Grace got the conversation going over the weekend when she dropped a parody video of a barista handing over an iPad for the tip.

Another woman in the video sounds confused as she looks over the options while the "barista" looms over the iPad.

"The pressure to tip," reads text on the video, which has been watched over 1.6 million times.

"The awkward moment when they can see what you're tipping," she adds in the caption.


The awkward moment when they can see what you’re tipping #squarereader #tip #tipping #baristatok

Other users shared their own rage-fuelled stories about the tipping practice in the comments, with the top commenter declaring, "I literally don't feel bad anymore."

"I used to feel so awkward, but now I just hit the no tip and walk away," wrote another user.

Several people shared their awkward horror stories in the comments.

"I accidentally tipped $3 on a $3 coffee, and it wouldn't let me go back," one person said.

"One time, I bought two waters and accidentally did $20 for the custom tip," wrote a second person.

"They don't let you touch the iPad at Dutch," said another. "They LITERALLY ASK if you want to leave a tip?!"

A few people jumped in to defend employees at coffee shops.

"These people are just trying to do their job," one defender wrote. "Often, they don't get a say what comes up on the screen."

"Y'all, it's customary to tip baristas," added another.

But the critics weren't having it.

"Get a different job dude," wrote one of them. "No one's tipping."

    Josh Elliott
    Senior Global Editor
    Josh Elliott is a Senior Editor for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on celebrity interviews and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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