A Guy Was Asked To Tip For Cookies & TikTokers Say Tipping Culture Has 'Gotten Out Of Hand'

For cookies?

Tipping screens.
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Tipping screens.

To tip or not to tip? A viral TikTok video is adding a new wrinkle to the heated debate this week, after someone said they were asked if they wanted to cough up extra after buying nothing more than a cookie.

A TikTok user named Josh, who runs the account @biggblackpuffa, recently posted a video of an iPad prompt asking him to tip at a Crumbl Cookies shop, and the prompt is driving users to a new level of fury.

"Who the hell am I tipping," reads the caption over the top of the video.

The clip itself shows Josh using the checkout tablet while an employee has their back turned to him.

"It's just gonna ask you a question," he captioned the video. The question, in this case, is "how much would you like to tip?" with options ranging from 15-25% listed on the screen, followed by a "no-tip" option at the bottom.


“Its just gonna ask you a question”-😁 #tip #cashier

People in the comments absolutely roasted the video as evidence that this whole iPad tipping thing is too much.

"Yeah, honestly, I'm totally for tipping servers, but tipping culture has gotten out of hand," wrote one of the top commenters.

Another wrote: "they be so bold... like what am I tipping for exactly?????"

Many people used the comments to define when it is or isn't OK to ask someone for a bit of extra cash for service. Most were behind servers relying on tips, but they couldn't see why a worker who puts cookies in a box should get the same thing.

"I only tip waiters and occasionally baristas if they did a good job/had great customer service," wrote one user.

Another user shared an incident where they were asked to tip at a self-checkout.

The comment read: "I was in a self-checkout line at a store at the airport that asked for a tip. Like, am I tipping myself?"

However, others jumped in to say this is still legit, and that people making your food also deserve a tip.

One person wrote that the original poster should be tipping the workers "cus we be making those cookies FROM SCRATCH."

Another commenter, who seems to be an employee at a cookie shop, wrote: "PLS TIP WE ACTUALLY MAKE THE COOKIES/DECORATE. WE DON'T SERVE FROZEN DOUGH."

"Idk maybe you're tipping the ppl that make the cookies you ordered," said another.

A few ex-employees also chimed in to support the prompt.

"I used to work there, and you'd be surprised, we made like $5 extra an hour each off tips," wrote one user.

It seems like those tips go a long way — at least when they're actually shared with the staff!

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