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Toronto is known for its restaurants, but you know what else makes the city so unique? It's all the coffee shops.

The coffee shops in Toronto are the unofficial "hangout spots" in the 6ix. Their flavours and environments have not gone unnoticed because Yelp revealed the "Top 25 Coffee Shops in Canada," and Toronto dominated the list.

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A charitable group on TikTok has been melting hearts with random acts of kindness, but the latest giveaway to a Starbucks employee is truly next level.

In a TikTok video that has racked up more than 30 millions views, user Perri Saenz can be seen giving a Starbucks employee named Manny $1,000 to buy himself a car, and his reaction is priceless.

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One of the least-appreciated service jobs out there, in my opinion, is the coffee shop barista.

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For a charming spot to sip a cup of coffee, you'll want to see this bunkhouse nook.

Only 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa in the town of Chelsea is Biscotti and Cie, a cute red cabin cafe that serves some seriously good coffee.

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