A Woman Got So Mad When Asked To Tip At A Self-Checkout & TikTok Has Strong Feelings

"Tipping culture is out of control."

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Alexis Nido-Russo explaining the story in her TikTok. Right: Shake Shack in New York.

Alexis Nido-Russo explaining the story in her TikTok. Right: Shake Shack in New York.

Tipping is standard practice if you're sitting down to eat at a restaurant or having food delivered to your front door, but what about if you order food through self-checkout?

One woman says it "blew her mind" when she went to a Shake Shack and was prompted to tip at a self-checkout kiosk, and it's stirred up a fiery debate on TikTok.

TikToker Alexis Nido-Russo posted a video in which she explains what happened when she went to Shake Shack.

"First of all, they only had the option for me to do self-checkout," she said. "So, I ordered on a screen by myself, no one helped me."

"Then they present me with this screen to tip," the woman added as she pointed to a screen that says "tip our team" and has several options, including 10%, 15% or a custom tip.

In text over the video, she also noted that she was "already annoyed that I had to DIY my order at a self-checkout kiosk."


Replying to @heychelssay this is next level #shakeshack

Tipping has become a pretty controversial topic on the social media platform, with some people thinking the concept has gotten out of hand, while others say it's acceptable because employees need to make a living wage.

Nido-Russo's video, which has over 112,000 views already, is no different.

A majority of commenters seem to think you shouldn't have to tip if you're not sitting down for the meal.

"I tip 20%, but only at places where I sit down and get a meal served to me, and where they clean up the dishes. Def a hell no at fast food places," one person said.

"Tipping culture is out of control here," another TikToker commented.

Others are taking the side that even though you may not see the person making your food, they still deserve a tip.

"You realize like someone makes your food right even if no one takes your order?" someone wrote.

Some commenters are pointing out that it's the companies who should be ensuring their employees make a decent income.

"These large multi-million-dollar companies need to pay their employees more!" someone argued.

"They need to pay their employees a LIVING WAGE instead of placing the burden on their customers," another comment echoed.

Other TikTokers took to the comments to point out that it's not just Shake Shack that asks for tips when you order by yourself.

"Starbucks does it. I order in the app. You get paid to make drinks. Why would I tip?" one person wondered.

"Yogurtland does the same thing and like… we prepare our own?! These places need to pay more, I’m so tired of tipping for no added service," another person pointed out.

With so many comments on the TikTok story, it's clear many people have an opinion on tipping.

Would you tip at a self-checkout kiosk?

Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
Asymina Kantorowicz is an Associate Editor for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on celebrity and health news and is based in Victoria, British Columbia.
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