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A Woman Says She Was Denied Service Over A Friend Who Didn't Tip & TikTok Is Split Over It

"Nobody is obligated to tip no f*cking body."

TikToker Büeli. Right: a server at a restaurant.

TikToker Büeli. Right: a server at a restaurant.

Global Staff Writer

Do you have to tip every time you receive service from a tipped employee, or should you have the option not to when it's a bad experience?

TikToker Büeli has ignited a major discussion on TikTok after stitching her story with another woman who says that "nobody is obligated to tip no f*cking body."

Büeli says she once went back to a restaurant where a friend of her didn't tip on their last visit, and the servers absolutely would not help her.

"When we sat at the table, none of the servers showed up, and the managers came by and told us that they would not like to serve us anymore," she said. "We asked them why and they told us tipping was a big reason."

Büeli explains in her stitched video that she's a tattoo artist, and claims that she also "makes a living" off tips from clients. However, she continues by saying that although she appreciates the tip, it's not a requirement.

"If I do just get my price, then I should be fine with that as well," she says.


#stitch with @africanbarb 🏁 What makes you leave a nice tip? do you feel obligated?🏁 #ShowOffLandOFrost #MessFreeHero #GenshinImpact #AmazonVirtualTryon #altblackgirl

Although Büeli does tip, she explained that some of her friends don't always have the cash and occasionally "don't have the finances to do so."

"Do you feel like this is a good enough reason to deny service to somebody for the rest of their lives if it's based on tips and the service isn't always up to par?" she asked.

The video has been watched over 1 million times and the debate is getting heated.

"Servers should not need to rely on tips, but the reality is establishments incorporate it into their pay... so sometimes base wage is $2/hr," pointed out one top commenter.

While the base salary for service workers varies by region, tipped employees and indeed paid a lower wage to account for their main revenue stream, which is tips.

Others suggested that it's not the customer's responsibility to pay a server's wages; employees should get a fair salary instead.

"I personally won't dine in if I'm not planning to tip my waiter. That's just me. I tip everywhere I go," wrote someone else.

"As a server, I lose money on people that don't tip or barely tip," a server added in the comments. "I need to tip out the host, bartender, food runner, busser."

One commenter pointed out that comparing servers to other service industry workers like tattoo artists is unfair since the pay is very different.

"Servers only make like less than $3 meanwhile, stylists and tattoo artists get to set their own price," read the comment.

However, not everyone felt sympathy for servers.

"It's not on us as the customers to get dogged out because their employers don't pay them a proper wage," wrote one user.

Another said that they tip "based SOLELY on service," and not when they're "supposed" to do it.

"If I get amazing service. I overtip."

Of course, let's not forget that tipped employees are expected to receive tips as their main revenue and are not only paid lower wages but are also taxed on their sales in many places, while entrepreneurs such as tattoo artists or massage therapists receive tips as extra cash for their services.

In fact, if servers and bartenders were paid a livable wage without the need for tips, as they are in many places around the world, the overall price of the bill passed to the customer would be higher to accommodate the decent wages the employees would receive.

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