A Server Ripped The 'It's Their Job' Argument Against Tipping & TikTokers Aren't Buying It

"Eating at a restaurant is a privilege."

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A server discussing tipping in a TikTok video.

A server discussing tipping in a TikTok video.

A server on TikTok just went off on customers who refuse to tip, and her rant is stirring up a flood of strong responses and conversations about tipping culture on the platform.

The woman, who identifies herself as a server named Sydrow, posted a lengthy "PSA" about tipping earlier this week, and it's piled up thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of views in recent days.

The video shows a frustrated woman tearing into customers who don't tip in a profanity-filled rant.

"You guys make me sick," she says in the video, which is addressed to "broke" customers who come in with no plan to tip.

"If you don’t tip your server because you’re an 'it's their job' kind of person, that server makes (less than minimum wage)."

She also goes off on people who specifically plan on not tipping when they go to a restaurant.

"Eating at a restaurant is a privilege, not some right that you just have because you have $20 in your bank account and you can come spend $19.99 at this restaurant," she says.


PSA to you broke pieces of shit

She explains in the video that the bill total is the price of your food and the tipping line is where you pay for service. She goes on to point out that the vast majority of the time, your server is not responsible for the taste of the food or how long it takes to arrive at your table.

"Stop not tipping your servers because your food sucks a**or it took too f*cking long," she says.

She adds that it's even worse when customers order a beer and then refuse to leave a tip.

"If you’re going to order f*cking alcohol, I need you to know that your server has to tip out for that sh*t to the bar, so when you spend $80 on alcohol and put a fat $0 on my tip, I still have to give that bitch at the bar $5."

Sydrow's curse-filled video sparked a bunch of responses in the comments, with many doubling down on the "tipping is optional" approach.

"If you’re a sh*tty server, I’m not tipping you. You earn that," wrote one user.

That comment got a video response from Sydrow who agreed with the "sh*tty service, sh*tty tip" theory, and clarified that she is usually very pleasant. However, her issue is with those who "run me ragged" and "take advantage" of her kindness while "knowing they’re not going to tip."

Nevertheless, other comments continued to tear into tipping culture.

"You don’t know the law so sit down honey. You’re wrong and you’re ignorant," wrote one person.

"I don’t care what my bill total is… your tip is based off your service, attitude and human decency," said another.

"You're not obligated to tip," added a third commenter.

Meanwhile, Sydrow's frustration clearly struck a nerve with others who have serving experience.

"Baby we ain’t working for free," wrote one supporter.

"Watching this before I clock into my job," wrote another server. "PREACH."

"I was a server for over 10 years," confessed another. "Not tipping well is unacceptable. I tip for to-go orders. Everything you are saying is FACTS!! Stand your ground."

Have you ever left a restaurant without tipping?

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