We Asked Vancouver Locals How Much They Actually Tip & There Were Some Surprising Answers

Honesty time! 💸

Western Canada Editor
Someone paying at a coffee shop.

Someone paying at a coffee shop.

Tipping culture is a hot topic right now, with some people questioning if they should even tip in Canada in the first place. Others are frustrated by the steep tipping suggestions when they pay, and it all begs the question — how much do people actually tip?

In an Instagram Q&A, Narcity asked people in Vancouver to be honest about how much they tip. It turns out that it really varies per person, and some were shockingly low.

With almost 50 responses, this gives you a glimpse into the tipping etiquette in Vancouver.

Some said they just don't

Two of the responses owned up to tipping nothing — zip, zilch.

There are actually some restaurants — including Folke in Vancouver — that don't allow people to tip, inspired by European service. Instead, Folke gives its serves a fair salary with benefits.

Seems like just the spot for these Vancouver locals to try out.

10% was a popular answer

Eleven people said they usually tip about 10%. One of these did specify that they only tip for dine-in meals, while another said that 10% is their minimum tip.

They added that "15% is for okay service, 18% is good service and 20% is for excellent service."

"Would rather not and the industry pays minimum wage, I don't see any difference to other industries," another said.

15% tied

Eleven people said they usually tip around 15%. According to the travel website Hawaiian Islands, the typical amount to tip in Canadian restaurants is between 15-20% — so these people are in line with that.

20% was the most common answer

With 15 people saying they tip 20%, this was the most common response, which is pretty surprising, given it's on the higher end. One person did specify that they tip this much "for good service" only.

A few said they do over 20%

Also, surprisingly, there were a few people who said they tip over the 20% — four to be exact. The biggest tipper in the group said they are dishing out 25% for a tip.

Someone else simply responded they "never go out," and another went with dollar amounts, saying that they tip "$2 for delivery and $5 otherwise."

Seems like Vancouver is pretty all over the place when it comes to gratuity.

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.