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This Vancouver Restaurant Doesn't Let People Tip & Pays Staff A 'Competitive Salary' Instead

"Hospitality is treated like a career everywhere else except for North America."

Vancouver Staff Writer
Owners of Folke. Right: Inside of Folke.

Owners of Folke. Right: Inside of Folke.

A restaurant in Vancouver won't let you tip your server at the end of a meal, but their staff actually isn't getting the short end of the stick.

Folke is a no-tipping restaurant that was inspired by the hospitality service of Europe, and their whole staff gets a "competitive salary" and full benefits, the restaurant owner, Pricilla Deo, told Narcity.

Instead of tipping, employees receive "a fair salary with full benefits," Deo said. The restaurant takes into consideration the cost of living in Vancouver and provides salaries based on that.

"Those in the industry who have come in think that it is a fantastic idea and say that it does give them more inclination to dine here as it supports something that they also feel strongly about," said Deo.

Although many people are supportive of what the restaurant is doing, Deo said that they also "received some backlash," about what they pay their staff.

"Most people think that we are paying an hourly rate and therefore on slower days, our staff do not make as much money if there aren't any tips. We actually pay everyone a fair salary with full benefits," she said.

She added that they adopted this pay model to provide staff with stability.

She added that some other customers assume that the service will be not as good because the staff are not required to work as hard for tips.

"The incentive to work hard isn't tips, it is being part of a professional team that is here because they believe in the restaurant and their values align with ours," Deo explained.

The restaurant does not even allow a tipping option on their payment terminals and if customers do try to tip, they will politely decline.

Once in a while, a customer will leave a tip on the table or insist on tipping though. When this happens, they will end up keeping it aside and using it to treat the "staff to a team dinner or something of the sort," said Deo.

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