This Greek Restaurant In Vancouver Is Covered In Flowers & It's Like Stepping Into Santorini

It looks magical. 🌺

This Greek Restaurant In Vancouver Is Covered In Flowers & It's Like Stepping Into Santorini
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This Greek restaurant in Vancouver, B.C. will make you feel like you're stepping right into Santorini, with its stunning decor and real flowers.

If you've been dreaming of a vacation but haven't been able to take one, now is your chance for a little getaway — while staying in Vancouver.

The Greek-inspired restaurant, called Loula's Taverna, is located on Commercial Dr., and it looks absolutely magical. It has Santorini-inspired white accents, beautiful flowers, and of course tasty food.

It's the perfect date spot or place to take pictures with friends. Imagine catching up over some delicious greek food and drinks here.

The breathtaking flowers are like a work of art. It's a go-to photo for any Instagram feed in the Vancouver area.

The Greek-inspired cuisine also looks amazing. The menu offers Spanakopitas, Souvlaki, Kalamari, and so much more.

The tzatziki dip and pita look absolutely mouth-watering. One plate of this might not be enough.

Their happy hour drinks will transport you to a fun vacation destination just by looking at them. The drinks also come in such fun colours!

Not to mention, their bathrooms are also super unique. They have some celebrity photos on the walls, of people like Jennifer Aniston and John Stamos.

It's the perfect private selfie spot.

This place is ideal if you want to mix things up and go for a special night out. It's definitely a restaurant that needs to be added to your bucket list.

Make sure to book a table now, because this place can get super busy. There's nothing worse than being stuck outside at a restaurant waiting for a table — in the classic Vancouver rain.

Loula's Taverna

Price: 💸💸

Address:1608 Commercial Dr., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: This place serves delicious food in a magical Santorini setting.


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