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Pret A Manger Has Just Opened Its First Canadian Location & It's In Vancouver

There are more to come!

​A hand holding a Pret drink. Right: Pret A Manger sign.

A hand holding a Pret drink. Right: Pret A Manger sign.

Staff Writer

The beloved U.K.-based sandwich and coffee shop, Pret A Manger, has officially opened its first location in Canada in a Vancouver A&W.

This is the first step for the chain, known commonly as "Pret," to expand into select Canadian markets. Right now the partnership between A&W and Pret is a two-year pilot, so you'll be seeing more locations pop up in the Canadian fast-food restaurant, according to a press release.

The first store in this trial is at the Marine Drive Canada Line Station A&W location in Vancouver, so you can go and pretend you're in London for the day.

Although it might not be exactly like the Pret locations you see in the U.K., the Canadian version will have a Pret menu offering up some of their items.

After the trial phase is over, and if it is successful, then A&W will have "the exclusive right to expand the Pret brand across Canada based on an agreed upon development schedule," the release added.

The company originally started in London in 1986, and now has over 550 stores including locations in the U.S.A, Hong Kong, France, Dubai, Switzerland, Singapore and Germany.

Pret serves up a variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and coffee.

In the release, Susan Senecal, Chief Executive Officer of Food Services said that the company is "excited to introduce Pret's fresh and delicious menu range in a select number of A&W restaurants this year."

"We believe Canadian consumers will respond very positively and come to love the Pret brand and all that it represents" Senecal added.

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