Someone In BC Was Asked To Tip After Paying Cover At A Club & People Think It's 'Messed Up'

People are heated over it!

A club.

A club.

Debating Canadian tipping culture is a surefire way to get people heated, and this Vancouver Reddit thread has proved it yet again.

People on Reddit think tipping has gone too far after someone posted that they were asked to tip on top of a $15 cover at a bar in Vancouver.

The person claimed that they made some friends while waiting in line at The Roxy and were allegedly told to leave after advising their new acquaintance not to tip on top of the entry fee.

The Reddit user said that a tip option came up on-screen after they paid the $15 cover charge, which "confused" them.

"I just skipped the tipping and paid the $15 flat. I turned to my Australian friends that had just arrived in Canada and mentioned they don't need to tip and to just pass it on the machine," the poster said.

The bouncer then allegedly told them to leave, citing that it went "against protocol" to tell people not to tip.

To see if they were the problem, the poster turned to Reddit. "Is tipping on entry fees normal? Did I really mess up here?" they asked the Vancouver Reddit community.

While there were lots of opinions, with the thread gaining over 400 comments, many thought tipping on top of the cover fee was not okay.

"That's messed up," one user wrote.

Others called the situation "absurd" and "bulls**t."

"You were not offered a service — why tip? I'm Canadian and would have given the same instructions to out of town friends," another said.

One Reddit user said they are all for tipping servers, but not when there is no service. "Why tip on a cover charge. Tipping is becoming an additional tax," they added.

There were a few people defending the tip option in the thread.

One theorized that The Roxy isn't exactly asking for "'tipping on entry fee'."

"They're a bar/eatery. They have a small fleet of debit/card readers. All are set up for tip function, because they rotate around the bar. Front of house/door doesn't have a dedicated card reader, they just use whatever one is at hand, and all are set up the same way," they added.

Late last year, a TikToker experienced being asked to tip on top of the cover at The Roxy.


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Similarly, people on TikTok weren't happy about the tip option then.

Narcity has reached out to The Roxy Cabaret for more details and will update this article when we hear back.

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Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.