We Asked ChatGPT How Much You Should Be Tipping In Canada & Here's The Breakdown By Province

There are some caveats depending on location. 👀

A person tapping their credit card.

A person tapping their credit card.

From "do you tip in Canada" to uncertainty about much you're supposed to leave in different situations, the etiquette around gratuities can be a little murky.

To shed some light on the situation we asked the internet AI tool ChatGPT a few questions about tipping in Canada.

When asked how much you should tip in Ontario, it said that "between 15% and 20% of the pre-tax total" is advisable as a tip for most services, such as restaurants, hairdressers, and taxi drivers.

"However, the amount of tip ultimately depends on the quality of service and personal discretion," it continued. "In some cases, a gratuity may already be included in the bill, so be sure to check before tipping."

When asked about tipping in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I. and Newfoundland, it gave the exact same response as it did for Ontario.

Things got different when asked about tipping in Quebec.

Although 15% to 20% remains the amount ChatGPT advises you tip in the province, it had some extra caveats.

"It's worth noting that some restaurants in Quebec may include a tip or service charge in the bill for large groups or special events, so it's important to check the bill before leaving a tip," it warned.

As for the territories, while ChatGPT said it's also customary to tip between 15% to 20%, it had extra advice for Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

"However, due to the remote location and higher cost of living in the region, some services may have higher prices and may also warrant slightly higher tips," it explained.

While tipping is not mandatory in Canada, the bot says it's a general way to show appreciation for good service.

"In many service industries, such as restaurants, salons, and hotels, the workers are often paid a lower base wage with the expectation that they will make up the difference through tips," it said.

"Tipping is therefore seen as a way to provide additional income to service workers who provide good service."

If you choose not to leave a gratuity, it can be seen as "a sign of dissatisfaction with the service," so make of that what you will!

Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.