Canadians Are Tired Of 'Tip-flation' & Opened Up About Who Should Actually Be Getting Tips

And how much they should be getting. 👇

Someone paying at a payment terminal.

Someone paying at a payment terminal.

Tipping in Canada can be a confusing subject for some as the rules over when, where, and how much to tip aren't really set in stone.

According to a study by Angus Reid, the majority of Canadians say they're being asked to tip a higher percentage and more often, a term which is referred to as "tip-flation."

And if you've ever asked to tip at a payment terminal in a location where they may not have asked for a tip before, there's a term for that too: "tip-creep."

In terms of who Canadians think should be tipped, regardless of whether or not they've tipped them in the past, the majority believe that bartenders, hairdressers/barbers and food delivery drivers should receive gratuities.

Only 47% of Canadians think taxi/Uber drivers should be tipped with the same figure holding true for those who work in beauty salons and personal services.

Moreover, 37% of Canadians think baristas should be tipped, while only 13% think those who work in massage, acupuncture or similar services should receive gratuities.

As for the people delivering your packages, 4% of people think people delivering packages should get tips.

In terms of how much people should be getting, in general, "Canadians are most likely to believe a tip of less than 15 per cent of the cost of the bill is sufficient if they support tipping the work at all," explains Angus Reid.

As well, while 83% of people think "too many places are asking for tips these days," less than 15% believe that customer service has gotten better with the "tip-flation."

In general, the majority of Canadians would prefer that country move away from the tipping system we currently have and instead adopt a "service included" system which would mean a higher base wage for employees.

Narcity recently asked ChatGPT to weight in on how much you should tip in each province, and while it generally said 15% for most regions, it did note that "the amount of tip ultimately depends on the quality of service and personal discretion."

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Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.