A Couple Charged Friends By The Drink At Their House & It Turned Into A Huge Blowout

"I hope they went full out and asked for tips, too."

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A couple with cocktails in their kitchen.

A couple with cocktails in their kitchen.

A couple has triggered a major debate over who should pay for what at a small house party, after one of their guests called them out for charging by the drink.

The situation sparked thousands of reactions and comments on Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum, where people were shocked to see that kind of setup outside of a college drinking party.

The original poster explained that the host couple, who are in their 40s, invited two other couples over for a party and told them to "be prepared to purchase your own drinks."

The poster thought that meant that the hosts were hiring a bartender, but when he and his wife showed up that wasn't the case. Instead, the hosts were standing behind their kitchen counter and "making/charging the guests for drinks."

He added that it wasn't some major event space and that the drinks were "all under $10," although you could argue that even $6-$8 for a drink is strange outside of a bar situation.

"I have never in my 42 years of living been to a 'party' at a friends' house where the hoses are charging you themselves for drinks," he wrote. "I've never charged ANYONE for drinks ever."

He went on to say that when he hosts, he typically buys drinks himself and it's an "open bar type of situation," which is often the case in social situations in North America. However, in this case his "friends" weren't trying to raise money or anything like that.

"I honestly felt like my friend, his gf and their friends were all trying to make a quick buck off of their guests who attended," he wrote.

So what did he do?

The poster says he and his wife each bought a drink, stayed for an hour and them left. On their way out the host asked why they didn't have more to drink, so the poster called him out.

He told his friend that charging close friends for drinks is "ridiculous," and it felt like they were "taking advantage." The friend fired back by calling the guest "cheap" and unsupportive," and the friendship basically died right there. The poster says the host called him an a**hole and has been bad-mouthing him to friends ever since.

But is he really the a**hole here?

Reddit users overwhelmingly say he's not.

"That's tacky af," reads the top comment on the Reddit post. "I get BYOB [bring your own bear] but this is a whole other level."

"Tacky is the right word," added another. "I usually err on the side of over-ordering for food and drinks for people when they come over, so this is just unheard of for me. At a college house party, sure. Here? No, no no."

Another user pointed out that "BYOB would have been super easy to do here," while another declared that "charging for drinks is just a cheap, tacky money grab."

Still, there were a few dissenting voices in the mix, including one who suggested that asking for money might be OK if the hosts are making "fancier mix drinks with nice ingredients."

"I know some people are feeling the high cost of living and inflation, so as a party attendee I wouldn't mind helping out," they wrote. "But charging per drink is pretty lame and makes the whole thing feel transactional."

Others also supported the "chip in" idea or straight up BYOB, rather than a by-the-drink approach.

"THESE PEOPLE ARE IN THEIR FORTIES. I cannot get over this," wrote someone who declared the whole thing "so f*cking weird."

"Also I must know, was there a tip jar?" they added. "Please say yes, because if they're gonna be this absurd I hope they went full out and asked for tips, too."

The original poster later returned to thank everyone for their support, and to share an update on his relationship with the couple.

"After reading these comments my wife and I have decided to exclude my 'friend' and his gf from any of our future parties," he wrote. "I blocked my 'friend' and his gf as well."

How do you handle drinks when you host?

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