A Toronto Restaurant Has A Bold Tipping Note On Its Receipts & Some People Are Outraged

"We remember the ones who don't."

Someone paying using a debit machine.
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Someone paying using a debit machine.

Someone on Reddit posted a picture of their receipt from a Toronto restaurant and users were not happy with what they saw.

At the bottom of a receipt from a Toronto restaurant, where the person ordered perogies and a beverage, there was a bold statement directed at customers paying their bill.

"I hope you tipped appropriately. It's important to tip appropriately. We remember the ones who don't. Or presents. Presents are good, too," the Toronto restaurant stated on the receipt.

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The original poster asked if the statement was "passive aggressive" or if they were taking it too seriously.

People were pretty outspoken on the Reddit thread that moderators have had to remove the post.

The photo of the receipt has the name and address of the restaurant crossed out, but Narcity has reached out to get that information. We received no answer in time for publication.

However, someone on the Reddit thread said, "This is just aggressive."

Another answered, saying, "Yeah they can f*ck off. I try to tip well when I can but money's tight for all of us. I think I'm far from alone in making mental notes of places that browbeat me about tipping or otherwise have distasteful practices around it and avoid them in the future."

"Lmao I would've asked the staff what they meant by 'We remember the ones who don't' because it sounds like they would do something if I returned after giving a 'bad' tip," a Redditor added.

Another Redditor ignored the message and started a conversation about the cost of the perogies. "20$ for pierogis is the real crime here," they said.

Others in the Reddit thread wanted to know where they could find cheap perogies. "It was $2.50 at Walmart last week. Keep checking the flyers. One of NoFrills, food basic, Freshco or Walmart will have sub $2.50," they said.

Well, inflation is no joke, friend, but there are various ways to save money when grocery shopping.

Nevertheless, a lot of conversations revolve around the unspoken rules of tipping in Toronto. For example, are you tipping too high? Or too low?

Someone even suggested removing the idea of tipping in Canada altogether and 431 people boosted a note.

"I wish Canada would ditch tipping entirely and just pay people properly," they mentioned.

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Mira Nabulsi
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