People Are Sharing Ways That 'Toronto Is Declining' On Reddit & The Comments Are Heartbreaking

"Much of the artist culture has left the city."

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​Gooderham Building in Toronto. Right: People walking in Toronto.

Gooderham Building in Toronto. Right: People walking in Toronto.

Have you been living in Toronto for a few years and feel like the city is undergoing some changes? Well, you're not alone.

Someone posted a question on Reddit asking others, "What are some small ways you're noticing Toronto is Declining?" and people have shared many of their thoughts.

The original poster started the discussion by saying they didn't want to hear about the big things, such as health care, but rather more minor things "that people may not [realize[ they're missing."

"I've noticed that on average, employees at restaurants are worse in both front of house and kitchen," they said. "I'm chalking this up to a lot of restaurant industry veterans leaving for greener pastures and having those positions filled by inexperienced people."

One commented, "much of the artist culture has left the city. Rent is too damn high."

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Another replied to the comment and said they work in the arts and moved out of the city because they couldn't afford it.

Others mentioned they moved to Montreal because it's "a bit of affordable heart and soul here."

"I consider the loss of small businesses to be a decline," a Redditor said.

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"It's a shame how every year it seems like you have to go further and further out of the Downtown Core to enjoy unique small businesses," a person replied.

The original poster jumped on the subthread and said, "I agree 100%, especially for small restaurants. There are more good restaurants out of the core than in, due to commercial rents downtown. They simply are unaffordable."

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The TTC wait times were another noticeable change in a Torontonian's daily life. "TTC subway next train wait times appeared to have doubled," they said.

Other things discussed included schools, the city's cleanliness, traffic, and Torontonian's attitudes towards others.

Do you agree?

Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
Mira Nabulsi is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on cheap travel from Toronto and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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