A Newcomer To Canada Compared Regina To Toronto & Was Surprised By The Differences (VIDEO)

"No one wears cowboy hats 🤠."

Toronto Associate Editor
Newcomer to Canada exploring Toronto.

Newcomer to Canada exploring Toronto.

It's always refreshing to remember what makes Toronto so great, especially when it comes from a person who lives in another province.

A newcomer to Canada, Andrian Makhnachov, posted a TikTok video about things that "surprised" him about Toronto after living in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Makhnachov told Narcity he was born and raised in Ukraine but moved to Saskatchewan in May 2022 after the war began.


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The Tiktoker said he likes Toronto because there are "many active young people developing and it motivates me in these difficult times."

One of the first things that surprised the TikToker about Toronto was the weather, obviously. Regina is currently -4 degrees C, compared to Toronto sitting at 3 degrees on Friday.

"People don't suffer from the cold, and everything looks like summer," he said while filming people walking on the streets of Toronto during sunset.

We all know how much Torontonians love their colourful sunsets, don't we?

Next, Makhnachov said he was shocked "no one wears cowboy hats." That's mostly true. Unless you've visited The Rock & Horse on Adelaide Street West, where you'll feel right in the middle of Saskatchewan.

Finally, this might be something Torontonians take for granted, but our city-wide use of plastic bags is totally a thing. For Makhnachov, he was surprised that they were "legal."

As of February 1, 2022, Regina put into effect a Plastic Checkout Bag Ban Bylaw, which means businesses are prohibited from:

  • "providing, distributing or selling plastic check out bags (including biodegradable plastic)
  • restricting or denying the use of any reusable container or reusable bag by a person."
But the shockers didn't stop there. Makhnachov continued to document things he found impressive in Toronto.

have you ever tried it?Where u from? #canada_life🇨🇦 #newcomer #firsttime #ukrainianincanada #canadaculture #ukraine🇺🇦 #makhnachov @Andrian Makhnachov

"Inside, it looks like a restaurant," he added. "I was surprised that everything looks very clean."
Makhnachov told Narcity he was in Toronto, mainly to visit the Ukrainian Embassy. But, "after the first walk, it was already dark, I realized that I did not want to return home because I like to walk and I thought what if I could stay here."
"I became interested in how people survive here [Toronto], how they pay rent, where they work, so I decided to try whether it is difficult to find a job in Toronto."
Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
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