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A Newcomer To Canada Went To Farm Boy In Toronto For The First Time & Said It's 'Too Much'

"What's a cheese ball?"

​A TikToker at a Farm Boy for the first time.

A TikToker at a Farm Boy for the first time.

Associate Editor

What's one grocery store in Ontario that you wish you could experience for the first time again?

A New Zealand TikToker who previously lived in London in the U.K., Abbey Sadleir, went to Farm Boy in Toronto for the first time and said "this is too much."

Sadleir told Narcity that she moved to Toronto in September 2022. She's in 6ix with her boyfriend "on a work visa just to try something new and experience living somewhere different for a while."

On Thursday, the TikToker posted her first Farm Boy visit ever and the video is totally relatable because she was mostly excited by everything she saw.


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"I was excited to explore the store! Our supermarkets back home (New Zealand) aren't as elaborate," Sadleir said.

"I had heard of Trader Joe's before but didn't realize there was a 'Canadian' equivalent so I was keen to have a look around and see what different foods they had available," she added.

For starters, Sadleir entered Farm Boy from the exit, which, if you've been to the College Park location, you've probably done once or twice.

The TikToker was amazed at how large the Farm Boy popcorn bags are. "This is the biggest bag of popcorn I've seen in my life," she said. "It's about half the size of me."

Next, the TikToker questioned whether "Farm Boy decided to make absolutely everything themselves." Sadleir listed everything they made in-house, including Farm Boy's pumpkin seed butter, jams, protein powder, and pasta.

"Do they actually make the pasta in the kitchen, in the Farm Boy kitchen?" the TikToker adds.

If you're a part of the Farm Boy family, then you've probably tried their cheese ball, and if you haven't, you should.

"I've just picked up something called a cheese ball. What's a cheese ball?" she asks.

"THE CHEESE BALL OS THE BEST THING ABOUT CANADA 😂 Honestly I pick one up each week đŸ„°," someone said in the comments.

Farm Boy may seem like Disney World to every adult until they head to the check-out counter with a basket full of stuff and a ridiculous bill to pay.

"I just spent $70, I think I got like five things," the Tiktoker concludes. But, that won't stop her from going. "If I had one super close by I would probably shop there all the time," she told Narcity.

People quickly chimed in and shared their opinions about the prices at Farm Boy too.

"So expensive but some of their housemade stuff is so good (the edamame dip)," one shared.

"Sign up for sales. I ❀farm boy but not some of the prices," another added.

If you were hoping to save money on groceries, then make sure to check out this list of tips and tricks from fellow Ontarians here.

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