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Ontario TikToker Made The Teeniest Tim Hortons Products & It's The Cutest Thing Ever

True Canadians will not be able to resist the power of tiny Tims!

Ontario TikToker Made The Teeniest Tim Hortons Products & It's The Cutest Thing Ever

Tim Hortons is larger-than-life famous in Canada, but one Ontario woman decided to make it tiny.

Briar Nielsen, an Ontario creator specializing in tiny furniture and home accessories, took a stab at making miniature Tim Hortons products and posted her microscopic process on TikTok.

Nielsen posted the two-part series making a miniature version of a Timbits box and a coffee for her 12.8K followers on TikTok and has received over 260,000 views so far.

The creator told Narcity she got the inspiration for the project from an Instagram challenge.

"About a week ago on Instagram a user had made a posting challenge and the prompt one day was 'Where in the world' we are located as creators, and I thought Timbits were the perfect item to reflect that I'm located in Canada!"

Nielsen says she started visiting the coffee shop a lot more after she moved back to her hometown Uxbridge, Ontario because in "every small town in Canada, Tim Horton[s] is a staple."


miniature timbits! #miniatures #timhortons #timhortonscanada #timbits #mini

Nielsen posted a TikTok of her making Tim Hortons' signature Timbits last week and says it took her "just over an hour from hitting the drive thru for Timbits so I could scan the box, to filling the mini box with Timbits."

Her recreation is wildly accurate as she uses precise tools to cut out the box's dimensions and even dusts the tiny Timbits with a fake glaze.

While some might assume the design would be the most challenging part of such a small-scale project, Nielsen says, "cutting out and assembling the Timbit box" was actually the hardest part.

A few days later, Nielsen posted a follow-up TikTok to her Tim Hortons adventure constructing a coffee cup to go along with the Timbits.


Reply to @doodlebugsarah coffee to go with the timbits! #miniatures #timhortons #mini #timhortonscanada #dollhouse

Although Nielsen says making miniature food isn't her specialty, she says she's enjoying trying items "outside of her comfort zone."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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