Michael Bublé Says His Relationship With Maple Syrup Is 'Private' & Has Advice For Americans

He also thought another Canadian treat was "something sexual." 😂

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Michael Bublé.

Michael Bublé.

Michael Bublé recently visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and took the opportunity to get a little weird.

In a segment for the show called "Food Court: Canadian Edition" Bublé shared his opinions on various snacks and food items and was forced to pick between American and Canadian options.

"If it pleases the court, today we'll be talking about Canadian foods, eh?" he said with a put-on Canadian accent.

When asked to describe traditional Canadian food in five words, the singer was a little stumped.

"Unique, incredible, delicious, fattening... unique," he repeated.

Things took a racy turn when the topic of maple syrup came up.

"What is my relationship with maple syrup? Well, I think honestly that's private. What I do in my bedroom is up to me," he said, before muttering to the camera crew, "Just use it, trust me."

He has a few more thoughts about the decidedly Canuck staple.

"There's nothing more Canadian than making maple syrup toffee in a bed of snow — unless you're eating ketchup chips, a little poutine, and you're making out with Celine," he shared.

Fair enough!

He also was a little confused about what exactly BeaverTails are.

"I think it's like a Canadian donut or something," he said about the treat. "I thought this was a sexual thing, but I'm wrong."

In the "Brunch Battles" portion of the segment, Bublé shared that he equally loves Montreal and New York bagels but prefers Montreal smoked meat over pastrami.

However, although it "hurts" him to say it, he prefers American bacon to Canadian bacon.

"Sorry, Canada," he said about his anti-patriotic pick. "Last time Alanis Morrisette ever invites me over to have breakfast with her."

As for a Caesar versus a Bloody Mary, the singer had a message for his American friends.

"Do yourself a favour. Go to Canada, drink a bunch of Caesars, get yourself all sexy, get a bunch of maple syrup, if you know what I mean, and slap those BeaverTails around."

You do you, Bublé!

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