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Alberta Just Got Roasted On 'The Late Show' & The Rest Of Canada Got Dragged Down With It

Believe it or not, it has to do with sexual health.

Alberta Just Got Roasted On 'The Late Show' & The Rest Of ...

The province of Alberta was the butt of a joke on a popular U.S. late-night talk show earlier this week. Host Stephen Colbert poked fun at the province during an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which was shared to the show's YouTube channel on August 19.

During his bit, Colbert roasted Alberta for its "horrifying" number of syphilis cases.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | YouTube

"Seems like the Prairie pox might be running rampant because of the popularity of social media apps being used for dating and people may also be taking fewer precautions and using condoms less frequently," Colbert said in the clip.

He also dragged Saskatchewan, bringing up the province's close proximity to Alberta.

"Watch out Saskatchewan, you keep rubbing up against that and you might get an infection in your Regina," joked Colbert.

The comedian closed his bit by going after the whole country, saying Canadians should "put a toque on your hockey stick, eh?"

Recent reports have noted that syphilis cases in Alberta have been skyrocketing since the start of 2021 and health experts believe the COVID-19 pandemic has been a factor.

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