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The Most Popular TikTok Video Of 2021 Includes Justin Bieber & It's Not What You Expect

There was some good Canadian representation in this year's roundup 🍁

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The Most Popular TikTok Video Of 2021 Includes Justin Bieber & It's Not What You Expect

TikTok just released its roundup of videos that took the world by storm in 2021, and the list will definitely bring back some good memories.

According to the release, TikTok entertained over a billion people this year and the videos that made the top of the list will surely make you smile.

The most popular video created on TikTok this year, both in the U.S. and globally, is the drone dancing video by @totouchanemu, which accumulated 314 million views and almost 44 million likes on the app.


I may not have @maxtaylorlifts dumpy but I do have a drone.

The video, which shows the creator mimicking another popular video by the Tiktoker @Maxtaylorlifts and using a drone to film himself, features the song "STAY" by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber.

The roundup also included a wholesome list of top videos that brought the most joy to users in 2021.

The No. 1 most joyful video on the list was the cute video of a sea otter playing with ice, which accumulated almost 59 million views and 7.8 million likes.


Sounds of Sea Otters 🦦 #asmr #otter #ottersoftiktok #seaotter #animalrescue #marinemammalrescue #zoo #aquarium #fuzzy #furry #cuteanimal #adorable

The roundup also featured a list of the songs that made it big globally this year, and the top song on the list was "Astronaut In The Ocean" by Masked Wolf.

TikTok is nothing without its creators, and some made it bigger than others this year. Notably, @khaby.lame landed first on the list of creators that blew up by adding a bunch of followers.

Khaby now has a total of 123 million followers on TikTok and continues to make the world laugh with his videos.

Filters also made the cut and even scored their own list in this year's TikTok roundup. The top filter used globally in 2021 was the inverted filter, which accumulated almost 700K videos this year.

Justin Bieber wasn't the only Canadian to make it big on TikTok. Indigenous star Shina Nova from Montreal was listed as No. 1 for impactful creators who fought for a positive change globally.

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