9 Life-Changing Products That Went Viral On TikTok & Where You Can Buy Them

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9 Life-Changing Products That Went Viral On TikTok & Where You Can Buy Them
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When TikTok first launched in 2016 it was a small entertainment hub where users uploaded videos of pranks, dances and laugh-out-loud skits.

Now, over 689 million savvy users are giving their quick-witted product recommendations that ultimately make or break a brand.

From miracle paste to foot peel masks, TikTok is the place to go to see what's trending in beauty, fashion and household appliances. You can follow #TikTokMakeMeBuyIt next time you have the app open.

​​Chom Chom Roller​​

Price: $37.95

Details: Pet owners are going nuts over this limited edition device that gets rid of annoying pet hair from any surface imaginable. People have used it on carpets and couches and it works like magic. Unlike the lint rollers you can pick up at drug stores, the Chom Chom comes in a bunch of cute colours.

See it in action on TikTok here.

$37.95 on AMAZON

The Pink Stuff Miracle Paste

Price: $18.99

Details: There's a reason why it's called a "miracle". This paste can literally clean anything: shoes, couch stains, pots and pans, even the inside of your oven that you've been avoiding for years. All it takes is a pair of gloves and a little elbow grease.

See it in action on TikTok here.

$18.99 on AMAZON

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

Price: $64.96

Details: A $600 Dyson AirWrap? In this economy? The Revlon hair dryer does exactly the same thing for a fraction of the price! Millions of beauty influencers are using this brush-dryer hybrid to achieve the perfect blowout. Since salons are closed (in Ontario, anyway), it's the closest thing we have to a professional stylist.

See it in action on TikTok here.

$64.96 on AMAZON

Retro Roller Skates

Price: $119.95

Details: Roller skates were arguably the biggest comeback of 2020 and we predict to see a lot more people jumping on the trend this summer. Because of pro skaters like Coco Franklin, demand is still high but Boathouse and Amazon have some colourful, '60s-inspired skates still available.

See it in action on TikTok here.

$119.95 on BOATHOUSE

No Touch Door Opener

Price: $13.98 for a four-pack

Details: Honestly, this is probably one of the greatest inventions of all time. As we continue to keep our distance and stop the spread of Covid-19, the no touch door opener is a huge lifesaver. You can open doors, use touchscreen pads at restaurants and ATMs and press elevators in your condo building all while keeping your hands clean. The four-pack on Amazon is great because you can store one in your purse, car and other places.

See it in action on TikTok here.

$13.98 on AMAZON

Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler

Price: $32.61

Details: TikTok influencer Christina Najjar (aka Tinx) raved about this particular "adult sippy cup" last October and sales are STILL through the roof. It's a versatile product that comes in over 30 different colours and prints (the nebula print is ridiculously cute) and four different sizes. Warm drinks stay warm for four hours and cold drinks stay cold for eighteen glorious hours—no hyperbole. This is the real deal.

See it in action on TikTok here.

$32.61 on AMAZON

Gua Sha

Price: $13.13

Details: Gua sha, which comes from a Chinese word for 'scraping', is a small tool (usually made of jade or quartz) used to sculpt and contour the face. A lot of people use it after cleansing to relieve muscle tension, drain any bloating and boost blood circulation. Real talk: it's a great hangover cure. Most stores are completely sold out (Indigo has a waitlist!) but they're starting to pop up in a few different places.

See it in action on TikTok here.

$13.13 on ETSY

SEASUM High-Waisted Yoga Pants

Price: $47.47

Details: These butt-lifting leggings have made a lasting impression on all athleisure lovers and even Lizzo gave her stamp of approval. What's even better than the reviews are the hilarious reaction videos—there are over 423 million under #TikTokLeggings! SEASUM is the OG brand but there are other cheaper alternatives online as well.

See it in action on TikTok here.

$47.47 on AMAZON

Veggie Chopper

Price: $26

Details: Budding chefs know how much of a lifesaver a chopper is. Not only does it save you time, but it stops you from crying up a storm every time you go near an onion. Now, you can safely make yummy guacamole for game night.

See it in action on TikTok here.

$26 on AMAZON

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