7 Mistakes Canadians Make At The Movie Theatre, According To Someone Who Worked In One

Try not to touch the floor. 😬

A Cineplex movie theatre. Right: A movie theatre concession stand.

A Cineplex movie theatre. Right: A movie theatre concession stand.

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As a former movie theatre employee, I know a whole lot about what to do and what not to do when visiting a local movie house or Cineplex.

In my four to five years working at a movie theatre during my university days, I've come to notice that there are things that people do at the movies that are just plain wrong.

Whether it be a Cineplex or another cinema chain, these are some incredibly common mistakes that you might be making.

So, to make you, and your local movie theatre employees', lives a bit better, here are a few common mistakes you might not be aware of.

Touching the floors

Like any business, movie theatres clean their floors. But, you can only get those deep cleans before or after all the movies have played for the day.

So, throughout the day, those floors can get very sticky and icky with pop, candy, butter, dirt and anything else that you can imagine when you get a bunch of humans together in the dark.

I would recommend that everyone do everything they can to not touch the floors unless they want to get gooped up.

Touching the seat cushions

Of course you're going to sit on the seats. But beyond that, I wouldn't really recommend people run their fingers or let their skin touch the fabric of the seat cushions.

Why? Well, throughout all my years working at a movie theatre, I never once saw them clean the chairs once.

While I will admit, that maybe the place I was working at was not running at 100% efficiency, I always cringe when I have to touch those fabric movie theatre seats more than I have to.

Do you really want to touch unwashed fabric that has been the home to hundreds, if not thousands, of butts?

I didn't think so.

Think you're invisible in the dark

Being plunged into darkness to enjoy your flick is part of the fun ritual of going to the movies. However, it's important to note that you're not anonymous when those lights go down.

You might be shocked to hear that, in a lot of movie theatres, there are cameras in each cinema that can see you in the dark.

So, if you're planning on doing anything, ahem, unsavoury, in the audience just remember that the screen isn't the only thing with eyes on it.

Ask the employees to pause the movie

​One of the marvels of the modern era is the fact that so much of our film and TV content is under our control. We can pause, play, and come back to it whenever — we are the masters of our content-watching domain.

But, that's not the case at the movie theatre.

If you're running late or need to leave to go to the bathroom, please don't ask the poor movie theatre employees to pause or delay the movie.

Those start and end times mean something and they don't bend to the whims of some random movie-goer.

Demand your money back if you don't like the movie

Listen, nothing feels worse than paying full price for a movie that you feel isn't worth a dime.

But, please don't go to the box office and ask for your money back because you didn't like a movie.

Obviously, the people who work at the movie theatre didn't make the movie and typically have nothing to do what movies get chosen to be played. And, after all, you chose the movie!

If you have anyone to get mad at, it's yourself for picking bad movies.

Buy the candy

I know I'm likely preaching to the choir, but it's not worth buying candy at the theatre — especially with how expensive things are these days!

A bag of candy that would cost you about $4 to $5 at the theatre can sometimes go up to $7, which is just untenable and really not worth it.

While it is the main way that movie theatres make money these days, paying nearly $10 for a bag of Sour Patch Kids is just not worth it.

Make a mess

And now a note on just being nice to the people who help you watch the movies you love.

The worst thing you can do at the theatre is making a mess for the poor, minimum-wage employee who has to clear it all up.

"But it's their job" I hear you whining. Well, it's a plumber's job to fix pipes and I don't see you smashing every public faucet you encounter.

Your cinema workers will thank you dearly if you do the nice thing and clean up after yourself. It's easy.!

While you're at it, it's also worth noting that there are also ways to save money at the cinema, according to a movie theatre employee!

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Tristan Wheeler
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