A Texas Movie Theatre Employee Is Viral For How He Makes Popcorn & Everyone Is Obsessed

Jimmy Kimmel even invited him to serve at the Oscars. 🍿

A movie theatre employee making popcorn. Right: The employee spinning the box of popcorn.
Texas Staff Writer

A movie theatre employee making popcorn. Right: The employee spinning the box of popcorn.

When visiting the movie theatre, you're typically served your popcorn by an employee that hastily shoveled them into the bucket and left them to butter on their own.

Texas native Oscar Leale (@oanderle) recently experienced the opposite at Century 16 Theatres in Corpus Christi, TX, where a viral TikTok he posted shows an employee enthusiastically preparing his order of butter goodness by flipping and tossing it around.

After the original clip, shared on December 31, 2022, reached 14.9 million views, the employee, Jason Grosboll, received instant recognition from fans worldwide, including Cinemark, and even an invitation to prepare popcorn at the 2023 Oscars from TV host Jimmy Kimmel.


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Grosboll has apparently worked at the cinema for over ten years and is even known as "Popcorn Guy," as stated on his nametag, according to a KIIITV report.

Some of his popcorn tricks include spinning the carton on his finger and flipping the kernels in the air to mix the butter into the snack, which he told Kimmel, has taken him years to perfect.

Now, he gets to show off those skills in front of stars like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Coolidge at the Oscars on March 12, 2023.

However, until then, Grosboll says he regularly gets recognized by awe-struck Texans who take videos of him.


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Another viral TikTok posted by Alice Wells (@alicewells39) on January 3 shows another "Popcorn Guy" performance that gained 2.2 million views and comments from impressed people who appreciate his enthusiasm.

"Love when people take pride in what they do no matter what they’re doing," a user wrote.

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