Jennifer Coolidge Made 'The White Lotus' Creator Cry At The Golden Globes & She Gave Spoilers

"F*cking iconic."

Jennifer Coolidge. Right: Jennifer Coolidge at the 2023 Golden Globes.
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Jennifer Coolidge. Right: Jennifer Coolidge at the 2023 Golden Globes.

Jennifer Coolidge didn't just win her first Golden Globe on Tuesday night, she also stole the show with people raving about the speeches she gave during the awards ceremony.

Coolidge won the 2023 Golden Globe Award for best supporting actress in a limited series for her portrayal of Tanya in The White Lotus, and her acceptance speech brought the HBO show's creator to tears.

Coolidge started off her speech by thanking five people she said kept her going in Hollywood for 20 years with "little jobs."

That list included TV writer Ryan Murphy, director Michael Patrick King and Reese Witherspoon, with whom she co-starred in Legally Blonde.

“I didn't know anybody, and it just was sort of this thing that wasn't going anywhere anyway, and then there were these people who would give me these cute little jobs and it would just be enough to get to the next one,"she said as reported by Esquire.

She also credited the Weiss brothers for making her Stifler's mom in American Pie.

"The Weiss brothers kept me going with like five American Pies, some of these things would go you know five different episodes or sequels of American Pie. I milked that to gold. I mean I'll still go for six or seven, whatever they want," she said as per a People report.

Her biggest thank you was directed towards Mike White, the creator of The White Lotus.

Her speech not only brought White to tears, but also gave spoilers about what happens to her character in the show.

"Mike White you have given me hope... even though this is the end because you did kill me off but it doesn't matter because even if this is the end you sort of changed my life in a million different ways — my neighbors are speaking to me, things like that — and none of those people, I was never invited to one party on my hill and now everyone's inviting me!" she said.

People loved her speech as they cheered, clapped and laughed throughout it.

"If you don't know Mike White (...) he really is one of the greatest people I've ever met, he gives me so much excitement to be, you make people want to live longer and I didn't," Coolidge continued as she gushed over the show's creator.

"So I just want to say Mike White I f*cking I love you and I just want to say this is really a fun night. Thank you. Thank you."

That wasn't the only speech Coolidge gave during the Golden Globes.

Earlier in the night the American Pie actress presented an award and people were just as enthusiastic about it.

The actress shared that when she was contacted to present at the ceremony, one of her fears about doing the job was that she would trip and fall, as she made a reference to what happened to her character in The White Lotus.

"There's no way I'm going to make it from behind the curtain all the way to the podium without breaking my skull because of all these over-waxed floors and I said I just can't do it," she said.

"Then Cara [who called her about presenting], I think she was serious, she said 'Jennifer then why don't you just wear a pair of crocs?'"

She was also worried about keeping up with the teleprompter and pronouncing names correctly.

In the end, people loved Coolidge so much that she was trending on Twitter.

Many people said they want to see Coolidge hosting the next Golden Globes and one Twitter user suggested that might be too far away and she should just host the upcoming Oscars.

Another person said Coolidge's speech made them "cry and laugh at the same time."

Another person stated the obvious writing "Jennifer Coolidge is f*cking iconic."

One tweet also pointed out that Coolidge got a huge standing ovation following her acceptance speech after her win.

It sounds like people want to see more of Coolidge at future awards shows and we couldn't agree more!

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