You Can Rent An Italian Villa Seen In 'The White Lotus' & The Airbnb Comes With A Butler

It's super luxurious!

An exterior shot of the Italian villa seen in "The White Lotus." Right: One of the living rooms inside the villa.
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An exterior shot of the Italian villa seen in "The White Lotus." Right: One of the living rooms inside the villa.

If you've been craving an Italian vacation after watching the second season of The White Lotus, you'll be happy to know you can now stay at one of the villas seen in the show.

Located in Palermo, Sicily, Villa Tasca is listed as a luxurious rental on Airbnb and that's because it comes with a full staff when you book a stay.

The villa is the same one that Harper Spiller and Daphne Sullivan (played by Aubrey Plaza and Meghann Fahy) stayed at in episode three of the show.

Seeing the full listing and what's included, it's no wonder the characters were in awe when they saw the property!

Due to its luxury status, the rental doesn't come cheap.

One night will cost you US $5,960 or CA $7,985, plus additional taxes.

The villa has a three-night minimum stay requirement, so the total price tag comes close to US $17,880 or CA $23,955, not including tax.

One of the living rooms.One of the living rooms.Courtesy of Airbnb.

The villa has four bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths, an English-style bar, a billiard room, a swimming pool, a lake, both a citrus and botanical garden and a greenhouse.

The Airbnb listing says parts of Villa Tasca date back to the 1500s and the 20-acre garden will transport visitors to the late 1800 Romantic era.

The swimming pool. The swimming pool. Courtesy of Airbnb.

All four bedrooms have private ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, and a lounge area or sitting room.

The listing also highlights that the villa features gold-edged portraits, carved wooden wardrobes, and marble bathroom tiles.

One of the bathrooms.One of the bathrooms.Courtesy of Airbnb

The rental also includes a chef, butler, two room attendants, housekeeping, a house manager and a concierge service.

Food and drinks are not included.

For an additional cost, you can also book activities and excursions, laundry service and an arrival airport transfer.

One of the bedrooms.One of the bedrooms.Courtesy of Airbnb

Aside from the villa, the majority of The White Lotus season two was filmed at a real hotel in Sicily, which again is open to the public for bookings.

Just keep in mind that it is currently closed for the season and will reopen on March 14, 2023.

You can take a further look at the Villa Tasca property on Airbnb here.

Villa Tasca

The billiard room.

The billiard room.

Courtesy of Airbnb

US $5,960 or CA $7,985+/night


Neighbourhood: Palermo, Sicily

Why You Need To Go: This luxurious Italian villa will transport you into a scene out of The White Lotus.

Prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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