'White Lotus' Stars Are Featured In The New SKIMS Campaign & Kim Kardashian Is Clearly A Fan

“I watched The White Lotus and had to have my girls!”

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Simona Tabasco and Bea Grannò in the SKIMS Valentine's Day campaign.

Simona Tabasco and Bea Grannò in the SKIMS Valentine's Day campaign.

It looks like even Kim Kardashian is a big fan of The White Lotus.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Kardashian unveiled the new SKIMS Valentine's Day campaign featuring Simona Tabasco and Bea Grannò who play best friends on the HBO show.

"I watched The White Lotus and had to have my girls!” Kardashian captioned the post which included photos showing Tabasco and Grannò wearing pieces from the new collection.

"It’s back and sexier than ever, starring breakout stars and real-life best friends @SimonaTabasco and @BeaGranno together for SKIMS."

The SKIMS Instagram account also posted a short video of the actresses to promote the campaign that's dropping on January 26.

After whispering in Grannò ear, Tabasco says "Tutti indossano SKIMS," in the video and then Grannò follows in English with, "Everybody's wearing SKIMS."

In a press release, Grannò says she had "so much fun shooting the Skims' Valentine's campaign."

“Having the opportunity to work alongside my friend Simona and to experience our first global fashion campaign together is something very special," the Italian actress added.

“I love everything Skims stands for! To be featured in a global fashion campaign with Beatrice that celebrates friendship, women, and feeling empowered and sexy in your own body is so rewarding," Tabasco also said in the release.

Variety reports Grannò and Tabasco are both from Naples, Italy and were friends in real life before being cast on the series.

“We definitely brought our friendship to the screen, especially because it wasn’t just that we knew each other from before, but also because we were sharing this enthusiasm for the situation and this incredible project that we got to be in together,” Tabasco said during an interview with Variety.

On the show they play best friends who turn to sex work to fund their carefree lifestyle.

The Valentine's Day campaign will drop on January 26, but you can already check out the collection on the SKIMS website.

Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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