Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Pop-Up Store Is Now Open In Miami & Here’s A Look Inside

The lines were MASSIVE to enter the store shaped like a metalic box!

KIm Kardashian wearing SKIMS Swim.
Georgia Contributing Writer

KIm Kardashian wearing SKIMS Swim.

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SKIMS has taken the world by storm and the brand just hit Florida hard.

This weekend, dedicated fans began lining up overnight for Kim Kardashian's very first pop-up shop taking place in Miami's hip Design District.

The SKIMS Swim store, located at 95 NE 40th St, has opened on March 19.

The pop-up space was designed by art director Willo Perron. The chrome, metallic box exterior features an infinity-edge waterfall flowing over the SKIMS logo.

The curved edges of the space are reminiscent of his past pop-up space in Paris last year.

“The whole concept was based on there being no hard corners, everything is round with soft edges and all the pieces are super glossy,” Perron told Dezeen. “I wanted people to feel like they had to touch it. It’s also reminiscent of body forms and the curves of a body.”

Kim and Khloé ''took Miami'' over the weekend to attend the store opening alongside many fashion influencers.

The event was pretty grand — there was even an ice cream cart to offer fans relief from the Miami heat while waiting in long lines for products selling fast. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream was offering small-batch scoops in hues inspired by the minimalistic swimwear.

For a limited time, Florida shoppers can choose from an entire range of 19 different swimsuit styles and seven solid colors from her classic neutral nudes to bright cobalt blue.

SKIMS offers swimwear in the size XXS-4XL and with pieces for individual sale allowing buyers to build their own personalized set tailored to their size and taste. Pieces range from $36-$108.

But don't fret! If you can't make it to Miami this week, you can still mix and match your summer look online, but stocks are low and going fast.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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