Addison Rae Goes Home To Louisiana & Opens Up About Her Viral Breakup, Marriage And Crawfish

The TikTok star reflects on life "from swamps to Sunset Boulevard."

​Addison Rae posing in front of the 'Addison Rae Goes Homes' sign in California. Right: Addison Rae eating in Los Angeles.
Georgia Contributing Writer

Addison Rae posing in front of the 'Addison Rae Goes Homes' sign in California. Right: Addison Rae eating in Los Angeles.

The highly anticipated new Snapchat series Addison Rae Goes Home launched over the weekend, spotlighting the TikTok influencer's return to her roots after living in Los Angeles, California.

The Louisiana native rose to fame in 2019, and what started as making videos dancing with her mom led to celebrity status, hangouts with Kourtney Kardashian, and #1 on Forbes' Highest-Earning TikTok Star list in 2020.

Episode one emphasizes the value she places in her relationships with her family, as well as her nerves around reconnecting with friends after two eventful years.

"I've changed, it's true. I think change is necessary for growing up, and I'm not even the person I was 6 months ago because I'm growing so much, and learning so much. I'm sure they've changed too," Addison reflects.

The first episode ends with a traditional crawfish boil.

Addison Rae holding a crawfish.Addison Rae holding a crawfish.Addison Rae Goes Home | Snapchat

"Crawfish literally tastes like home. Sure you can order any type of seafood you want in L.A., but when it's caught and cooked by family, nothing tastes more comforting, and nothing makes me feel safer than being around the people I love," Addison explains, eating the crawfish they all caught together in matching muddy coveralls. "I really hope this trip back home will help me figure out a way to show people more of who I am."

In the second episode, she opens up to her friend about her very public breakup with fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall.

Addison vents, "Throughout that time it was really hard to keep it together, and you know, being asked about it, and then bringing it up in interviews, it hurts. I think everything in my life I try and do with the best intentions and people like to think that I have bad intentions, or I'm trying to be evil, or hurtful and that's really not me."

The episode concludes with her confiding in her friends about marriage and starting a family, "I used to think I was gonna be married, probably right now, but I'm not and nothing's wrong with that all. But isn't it so crazy, we have friends and know people who have babies, and are married, and engaged that are younger than us!"

The Addison Rae Goes Home series can be found on Snapchat or YouTube

Addison Rae lying down and holding a phone.Addison Rae Goes Home: Episode 1 | Youtube

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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