A Polyamorous TikToker With A Husband & Girlfriend Revealed Her Tips For Handling Jealousy

"We're still human, so we definitely get jealous."

Melanie Morton with her husband AJ and girlfriend Jackie Olson.
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Melanie Morton with her husband AJ and girlfriend Jackie Olson.

Melanie Morton has a husband, a girlfriend and a popular TikTok account about her polyamorous love life, and she recently opened up to Narcity about how it takes three to make all of that possible.

Morton's TikTok account is all about her life in an open marriage, and she often uses it to explain how her relationships work while busting a lot of myths and misconceptions people have.

Morton is currently married to her husband, AJ Morton, but she also has a girlfriend named Jackie Olson. Olson doesn't live in the house but Melanie says she's over "90% of the time," and both of her partners have a good platonic relationship with each other.

Morton recently told Narcity that both of her relationships are actually pretty "normal," and far from the kinky stuff that some people might expect.

"People always think we're going to like sex parties, and we're like swinging, and we honestly just lay on the couch and watch movies and order food," Morton said.

"When people think of open relationships, they think of just being intimate with a lot of different people, and they don't understand that these relationships can look really similar to monogamous relationships.

"You just have an extra person."


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Here's how her relationships work.

Melanie Morton says she's in "an ethically non-monogamous relationship" with AJ, and that they're approaching 10 years of marriage. They're in an open relationship and have multiple partners, but they're still married and have two kids together.

Then there's Olson, whom she has also been dating for a year.

She says the key to making everything work has been honesty, because they never want to get into a sticky situation where they're keeping secrets from one another.


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"We're still human, so we definitely get jealous," admitted Morton, but she says "literally just talking about it" is the way to overcome hiccups in the relationship.

She says it's all about making sure that everyone's needs are met and that everyone feels "happy, healthy (and) safe."

When they first opened their marriage, Melanie Morton said she and her husband were adamant about not having a "don't ask, don't tell" policy and instead wanted to be open with one another.

She calls it "kitchen table polyamory," in which everything is out in the open.

And it seems like it's working, because she says her husband and girlfriend are really good friends.


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Morton says that although she goes on romantic dates with each of the other two, AJ and Olson also go out on platonic dates with each other to keep their friendship strong.

When I interviewed Morton, she even mentioned that the three of them had planned a trip to Palm Springs to spend time together.

"We've created this little modern family," said Morton.

And she's living her dream!

Sameen Chaudhry
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