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A Utah TikTok Mom Admitted To 'Soft Swinging' With Her Friends & TikTok Is Freaking Out

"That's where I messed up, and I obviously — I'm losing everything that I have."

​Taylor Paul in a TikTok captioned "my entire life falling apart." Right: The Utah mom friend group all posed together.

Taylor Paul in a TikTok captioned "my entire life falling apart." Right: The Utah mom friend group all posed together.

Once again, Utah is trending on TikTok. Taylor Frankie Paul, a TikTok mom influencer, shook the Internet this week when she went live to discuss divorce rumors and admitted to "soft swinging" with her viral friend group.

Divorce rumors started when Paul posted a video that amassed over 9.1 million views of her in her house with moving boxes, captioned, "my entire life falling apart."

During the live stream, Paul discussed the nuances of her open relationship with her husband Tate, saying "He never like fully went... I don't know what you would call it, if it's like 'soft swinging,' but you don't fully switch and go all the way, and to be honest, I did. We had an agreement, like all of us, and I did step out of that agreement."

The Internet began heavily speculating that drama arose in the friend group when some of the girls unfollowed each other on Instagram, leading to dozens of TikToks and Reddit threads providing crash courses on the gossip.


What else would we talk about

She goes on to explain the situation that led to the drama saying.

"No one was innocent, everyone has hooked up with everyone in this situation," said Paul. "So like, yes I'm getting shunned for doing that, but it wasn't like I was going around hooking up with my friend's husband. It was more that we were at a party, I got belligerent, and we went and messed up by ourselves rather than with the whole group."

Paul continues to say it was a "one-time thing" because they were so "gone."

TikTok users have gotten creative with their videos reacting to the incidents. One creator posted a video of her playing amateur detective and using her refrigerator as a make-shift evidence board over audio of Paul explaining the groups' sexual dynamics.


The drama I never knew I needed. Thanks, Taylor! Also, why is she banned now? 🍍 #taylorpauldivorce #utahmoms #utahmomtok #taylorfrankiepaul

One couple in the friend group, Miranda and Chase McWhorter went live to clear their name and deny any allegations of their "soft swinger" status, even going as far to say the phrase grosses them out.


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One thing is clear, however: despite recent denials, TikTok users are still having fun indulging in the trending gossip.

We reached out to Taylor Frankie Paul for comment and will update this article upon response.

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