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Utah Mom Taylor Frankie Paul Is Missing Her Friends & Posted The Saddest TikTok On Loss

She's going through "a major life adjustment".

Georgia Contributing Writer
​Taylor Frankie Paul sitting on the ground. Right: Taylor Frankie Paul and her old friend group.

Taylor Frankie Paul sitting on the ground. Right: Taylor Frankie Paul and her old friend group.

Taylor Frankie Paul, the Queen Bee of Utah Mom TikTok, made headlines this summer after she openly admitted to "soft swinging" with her friend group. She went on social media yesterday and revealed how much she misses them.

The confession sparked a series of drama and controversy and, ultimately, led to her split from her ex-husband Tate Paul with whom she shares two children.

The creator has been very open online about the divorce and separation from her tight-knit mom squad. Throughout the summer, she shared posts processing the events and the backlash she received.

She revealed in a video on the platform at the beginning of August that her divorce had been finalized.

Paul also published content on August 16 regarding her current feelings on the situation as time has passed.


Just major life adjustment with a lot of loss

The TikTok begins with Paul sitting on the floor of her Utah home reflecting on the caption, "can you pinpoint what's making you sad still?"

The video then cuts to photos of her family, candid clips of her ex, and old footage of her dancing alongside her Utah group.

The video amassed 3.7 million views in less than 24 hours since she published it to TikTok.

Viewers had lots to say regarding the situation in the comments.

"Oh this hit hard. Can totally relate. Much love and healing to you," one person wrote.

Others were less than supportive, chiming in with criticism asking what she expected from all of it and that she didn't know what she had until it was gone.

Paul says in the caption of the video that what she's experiencing is "just major life adjustment with a lot of loss."

Narcity reached out to Taylor Frankie Paul for comment and will update the article upon response.

    Maeve Browne
    Georgia Contributing Writer
    Maeve Browne is a Contributing Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on food and Internet trends and is based in Savannah, Georgia.
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