A Dating Coach Shared The 'Bare Minimum' Traits To Expect & TikTokers Are Feeling Insecure

"Can't remember the last time we had a date."

The dating coach in his TikTok video. Right: A couple holding hands.
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The dating coach in his TikTok video. Right: A couple holding hands.

If Valentine's Day has got you thinking about relationships and whether you're getting what you deserve out of yours, then maybe one TikToker's advice will set you straight.

TikToker Jacob Lucas is sharing the "bare minimum" traits that you should expect from a boyfriend, and his tips have a lot of people evaluating their relationships in the comments.

“I’m a professional dating coach, and [these are] five things that your boyfriend should be doing for you that are the bare minimum,” he says in the clip that has been viewed over 3 million times.

According to Lucas, you should not have to ask a "full-grown man to return your calls or your texts when he's available."

"He should do that anyway,” he added.

Next, a boyfriend should be taking out his partner at least once a week, unless they are in a long-distance relationship.

“People might say that’s a lot but I’m telling you it’s really not,” he said.

Lucas says a boyfriend should also be their partner's "biggest cheerleader" and if he's not, then something's not right in the relationship.

The fourth tip is that your partner should communicate what their schedule is so that you two can plan your life together.

Lastly, Lucas says, "he should always make you feel wanted."


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Lucas then asked people to rate their partners and share the results in the comments section.

It looks like a lot of people did just that and they were really honest in their answers.

"Can't remember the last time we had a date, and although I know he loves me, I don't feel wanted," one person wrote.

"He doesn't like to plan nothing. Never takes me on a date," another TikToker shared.

Another person just simply wrote the number "0," to which Lucas replied, "Oh no. These are the bare minimum."

It looks like another person agreed that their partner is not doing enough and wrote, "I should not be dating this guy."

"The fact that my ex did none of these lmaooo," one person shared, to which Lucas replied, "He’s an ex for a reason."

Although there were a lot of insecurities expressed in the comments, some people did share some high scores.

"4 out of 5 but long distance sooo technically our dates are game/movie nights lol," one person wrote.

Another commenter shared that while their ex-fiancé would have scored a zero, their current boyfriend aced it with a five out of five.

"5/5 🥰 finally! It took me a few toads to find him lol," another person chimed in.

Since the video did so well Lucas posted a part two, sharing five more "bare minimum" traits.

Among the traits listed in the second video, Lucas notes that a boyfriend should not be flirting with other women, and they should be doing their fair share of house work.

Again, people rated their partners honestly in the comments and asked Lucas for a video focused on women next.

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