Single People In Toronto Are Sharing Their Valentine's Day Plans & The Suggestions Are Great

"Ordered a cake for myself."

​Heart-shaped structure in Toronto's Distillery District. Right: CN Tower lit up red for Valentine's Day.
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Heart-shaped structure in Toronto's Distillery District. Right: CN Tower lit up red for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means? The city will be filled with so much love. However, for single people, this day can feel like such a drag.

Thanks to Saint Valentine and North America's consumerism culture, February 14 is now a day associated with love and it's just a lot — both for those who love it and those who hate it.

Valentine's Day is usually associated with a fancy date, flowers and a lot of romance, whether that's eating heart-shaped M&Ms or grapes, the standards are sometimes set pretty high.

However, that might be the case for people in relationships, what about those who are single on February 14? What do they do with their evenings?

Well, someone on Reddit asked single Torontonians what they are up to this Valentine's Day and there were numerous suggestions.

The most liked comment is by someone who goes by space_cheese1, and they said, "look off into the distance and sigh periodically."

Others have chimed in to see where they'd be looking into the distance, suggesting that they "should all meet up with him and sigh with him."

Another person said they are "Patiently wait for the day after valentines so I can go in the store and load up on discount chocolate to prepare my body to be single for next valentines day."

Talk about finding cheap chocolate hacks.

Someone looking to care for their health said they are "getting a pap smear so at least someone will touch me that day."

"Even the doctor's office admin who scheduled me took pity and was like 'Oh, that's Valentine's Day, let me see what else is available" and I told her I really didn't care," they added.

But if you were hoping to spend some time alone, then maybe "enjoying the solitude" is the way to go. Even the original poster agrees with this comment.

Some are looking to treat themselves to a feast and dessert, followed again by buying discount chocolate the next day.

If you want to hang with your bestie, then maybe ordering a cake each could be your bonding exercise.

"Ordered a cake for myself, found out my friend did the same, gonna eat cake together," someone shared.

But, just know, even though Valentine's Day might arguably be the most romantic day and annoying day of the year, it's just 24 hours and half of the time you'll be sleeping anyways.

Happy Valentine's Day, Toronto!

Mira Nabulsi
Associate Editor
Mira Nabulsi is an Associate Food & Drink Editor for Narcity Media focused on all your favourite eats and is based in Toronto, Ontario.