A TikToker In An Open Marriage With Husband & GF Says 'Love Is An Infinite Resource'

"I'll be over here in my healthy partnerships filled with love, safety, and proper communication."

Melanie Morton. Right: Melanie Morton and her husband and girlfriend.
Global Staff Writer

Melanie Morton. Right: Melanie Morton and her husband and girlfriend.

Riddle of the day: How can you be happily married but still have another romantic relationship, without cheating on your significant other?

One TikToker might have cracked the code, by being in a polyamorous, open marriage.

TikTok creator Melanie Morton has gained a sizeable following by flaunting her unique family dynamic on her page. Through her regular (and sometimes viral) videos, she takes viewers inside her polyamorous 'throuple' relationship.

Morton has enjoyed success in making videos about her lifestyle. Three of them have even gone viral on TikTok; one has even received over 2.6 million views.

In one of the viral videos, which has 1.6 million views, she covers some of the most frequently asked questions by the layperson.

The video features both her husband and her girlfriend. They answer "yeah" to questions like "so that's your husband?" but she's also your girlfriend? so wait, you're with both of them?".


no cap on love, baby 💖 #poly #polytok #loveislove #polyamorous #bitok

She ends the video saying, "hi, ummm, did you know love is an infinite resource?".

In another video, she answers some specific questions, such as how long she's been with her husband and girlfriend.

She's celebrating nine years with her husband, and about a year with her girlfriend. But the former has been polyamorous for over a year.

She first started creating content about her love life in February of this year, including videos from her daily life to their sleeping arrangement.

She even has children with her husband, who have been introduced to the girlfriend and are fully aware and accepting of their parents' relationship dynamic.

In one of her videos, she even explained why she thinks polyamory works better than monogamy.

"If POLYAMORY is wrong and weird, then…," begins the caption of her video, and goes on, "..why is cheating and infidelity normal? Why are shows like the bachelor/ette and love island so popular? Why is there always a love triangle in rom coms? And why is divorce so normalized in the media?". (sic)


if polyamory is weird then I’M A WEIRDO 👽 #polyamory #nonmonogamy #gaytiktok #biwifeenergy #openmarrige

Those are some of the points that Morton makes throughout her videos, in addition to talking about being bisexual and how that plays a role in their relationship.

In another one of her viral videos, she talks about being "indecisive" and wanting to be with "both pls."


i’ve always been indecisive 🌈 #gaytiktok #polyamory #biwifeenergy #lgbtq #modernfamily

As for the relationship between her husband and girlfriend, it's platonic. That's because her girlfriend is not interested in men, and the two actually get along quite well.

In their most viral video together, Morton shared that she doesn't mind when her husband goes on dates or sleeps with other women or even when her girlfriend goes out without her.


that’s where i draw the line guys #polyamory #bitok #biwifeenergy #polytok #loveislove

However, she draws the line at her girlfriend and husband sharing inside jokes that don't involve her.

"I'm jealous," she shares in the video.

Obviously, the boundaries in their relationship look very different from what is conventionally accepted, but it seems to work for this throuple. As for non-monogamous relationships, recent studies have pointed towards young Canadians' increased inclination towards them.

Even Canadian courts have started acknowledging polyamorous relationships as legitimate parents. And with this TikToker now endorsing non-monogamy through social media, we won't say we're extremely surprised.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry was a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and based in Toronto, Ontario.