A Man Refused To Help His Partner Pay For Childbirth & Described The Epidural As An 'Add On'

“He’s the type who babysits his own children.”

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A mom with her newborn child at the hospital.

A mom with her newborn child at the hospital.

Many married couples would agree that the statement, “your money is my money” becomes the standard practice when you choose to share a life with a person and especially when you start a family together.

That understanding might have completely slipped through the cracks for one guy out there, and his wife is now turning to the Reddit community AmItheA**hole to spill some tea about how her husband refused to share the cost of the hospital bill from their child’s birth.

In the now-deleted post, the Reddit user asked, “[Am I the a**hole] for expecting my partner to pay half of my hospital bill?” and that question alone is enough to send off red flags.

The woman who made the post shared that she was turning to Reddit to help as a last resort because she thinks the conflict with her husband is grave enough to end their marriage.

A screenshot of the original post was shared on Twitter and already has over 22.6 million views on the social media platform.

She explained that she welcomed her first child with her husband three months ago after seven years of marriage and that at first, “everything was going well, and we were in our little newborn bubble of bliss until the hospital bills came.”

“Both my husband and I have jobs, and everything financially is split 50/50, but we've always kept our money separate with the exception of a joint account for bills,” shared the Reddit user.

Initially, the woman had planned for an “unmedicated natural birth” but understandably not everything always goes as planned, and after enduring the excruciating pain of childbirth for 24 hours, she eventually “caved and got the epidural.”

“My husband had no problem with it, even encouraged it,” the user explained.

“When the bill came, he brought it to me to pay all $8,000+ (after insurance) from my personal savings, I asked why," the woman wrote.

"He said 'You're the one that couldn't hold out for a few more hours and jacked up the bill with all your meds and an extra night's stay, and he shouldn't have to pay for all of my extra requests. If I wanted luxury, I should expect to pay for it,'" she continued.


Understandably, the Reddit user “flipped out” over her husband's behaviour.

“He refuses to budge, calling me a princess for expecting him to pay for all the "extra add-ons" I requested in the hospital,” continued her post.

“I gave in and paid the bill, but since then, we haven't been talking much and honestly, I just feel disrespected.”

She’s calling the fight between her and her husband the “biggest issue” in their 14-year relationship and is now turning to Reddit for help.

People under the Reddit post and on Twitter had a lot to say about the whole situation, and they’re all hating on the woman's husband.

“This is some of the most vile behaviour I’ve seen on this sub,” wrote one person.

"Luxury? For having your vagina tear to birth his child? For having pain he would never be able to tolerate?”

“The epidural lets you rest, so you can get through the pushing stage, which can last hours (or at least did for me). Since he’s not paying for the consequence of having sex with you, sounds like sex is a luxury he can’t afford,” continued the comment, which has almost 16,000 likes.

Another person wrote, “not even generosity. It's the bare minimum. That child is half his. Not to mention he seems to think the prolonged labour and having to spend an extra night is somehow HER FAULT?!"

One user called the husband's behaviour “emotionally abusive.”

“He’s the type who babysits his own children,” wrote another person.

Reactions on Twitter were also strongly against the husband.

Columnist Sophia Benoit took to Twitter to sarcastically share that reading the post gave her an “aneurysm.”

“There are only a handful of non-violent / non-abusive actions a person could take where I'd be like, first time is the charm you have to divorce this person. I mean how do you ever move on from someone you love treating you like that,” wrote Benoit.

“This has radicalized me, and now if I ever have a baby, I've decided my partner is paying 100% of the bill.”

It’s safe to say, pretty much everyone is on the Reddit user’s side, and the husband in this situation needs to reevaluate his stance on everything.

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