A Mom Shared Her Unusual Parenting Rules On TikTok & People Have So Many Strong Feelings

She even asks for '"consent" before changing her son's diaper.

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Corrie sharing her parenting rules on TikTok.

Corrie sharing her parenting rules on TikTok.

The generation of new parents is bringing with them a set of new parenting rules, and It seems like sharing is no longer caring.

TikTok user @c.maxxy posted about the rules she has in place for her one-year-old son, and people can't seem to agree on how they feel about them.

The TikToker, Corrie, shares her set of four rules that she's put in place, and even the grandparents aren't exempt from following them.

"My son doesn't have alone time with anyone that doesn't respect our rules and boundaries, including grandparents, and I've been asked what those are," said Corrie during the video.


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The first rule is that her son is strictly sugar-free unless it's her who's giving him the sugar.

"I consider my son sugar-free," shared Corrie. "I give him sugar because I can limit the amount he has, but as a general rule, no one else is allowed to give him sugar."

According to Corrie, the following rule is a little more unusual and even "causes a lot of tension."

The rule is that "he never has to share anything."

Yup, you read that right. According to Corrie's parenting style, sharing is not always caring, so her son doesn't have to follow the age-old rule that most people are used to being taught from a young age.

"If he's bringing a toy to dinner at his grandparent's house, he doesn't have to share with his cousins," explained Corrie. "That extends to the playground and other situations."

The third rule is about consent, which is definitely important to teach children from a young age, but some people in the comment section think Corrie takes it a step too far.

Corrie shared, "It's not that people can't hug and kiss [her] son but ask him first. He knows the difference between yes and no."

However, consent is so important to Corrie that she asks for his consent before doing anything, including when she's changing his diaper/

The last rule is one that most new parents are probably going to adapt as more and more technology takes over our daily life routine, which is limiting screen time.

"He's a year old; he doesn't need to be watching T.V. all day," said Corrie.

People in the comment section had pretty strong opinions about Corrie's parenting rules.

One person in the comment section asked, "Why bring a toy that his cousins cant play with??"

"These type of rules create the worst of the worst," said another user.

However, not everyone disagrees with Corrie's rules.

A user commented, "I admire your parenting," which received over 4k likes, which means many people are on the same page as Corrie.

"Absolutely no problem w any of this tbh its good," said another user.

It's safe to say parenting will look a whole lot more different in the coming years.

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