A Guy Made His Wife Cry Over Her Choice Of Baby Name & She's Got Many Defenders

"This is a decision that requires TWO yeses."

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A pregnant woman.

A pregnant woman.

It’s not easy picking a name for a baby, and sometimes the decision-making can create a bit of tension if the parents can't seem to agree.

One Reddit user’s wife was assigned the role of picking out a name for their first baby and while lots of people think she missed the mark with the name she chose, others disagree.

The Reddit user turned to the Am I The A**hole community to ask if he was in the wrong “for laughing at [his] wife’s name choice for [their] son?”

The soon-to-be dad shared that his wife is heavily pregnant and is due to give birth in two weeks.

He decided to let her name their son and says he trusted his wife would pick something "at least normal."

“Yesterday, we were in bed together, talking about our baby. All of a sudden she jumps up excited with a huge smile on her face,” the Reddit user shared in his post. “She told me to stay on the bed because she had a surprise for me.”

His wife then pulled out a box decorated with ribbon, handed it to him and asked him to open it.

“I opened it and inside was a blue onesie with the name “Bartholomew” in cursive stitched on the middle,” continued his post.

“I asked her what it meant and she said 'surprise!! That’s going to be his name.'”

When the Reddit user realized his wife was being serious, he laughed “to the point of tears.”

“I honestly could not believe she was going to name our son that. What the hell kind of name is “Bartholomew”???? She got really silent and started tearing up,” the Reddit user recalled.

After noticing she was upset he tried talking to her, and that’s when he found out his wife wanted to name their son after her grandfather who she was very close to.

He told her the name was “outdated” and to reconsider the name choice, which really sent her off the edge, prompting her to walk out and go stay with her mom.

The man says the family is siding with his wife, but he is adamant that he refuses to name his son Bartholomew.

“I’ll probably just apologize, but there is no way in hell I’m calling my son by that outrageous name."

There has been a lot of mixed reaction to the post and it's even stirred up a heated debate.

One commenter wrote that names need to get approval from both parents and added "she may be carrying the baby, but she doesn’t get carte blanche in naming him."

Another person echoed that sentiment and wrote, “This is a decision that requires TWO yeses, not something where one person can just pick because it's really unfair to have one person love the name and the other person detest what their child is called.”

One Reddit user suggested that the parents “use it as a middle name.”

Others are calling out the man for going back on his word.

“OP (original poster) already promised her that she gets to pick the name, so he would be TA (the a**hole) to go back on that promise now, 2 weeks from her due date," one person commented.

“It’s her grandfather’s name, who she loved. It doesn’t make her an AH for wanting her child to have a family name. Even if it’s one you don’t like,” said another user.

Then there were those people who said the name was not that uncommon.

"LOL, has OP seriously never met anyone named Bart?" one person wrote.

Another commented that the husband was rude for laughing in his wife's face "when she was so excited."

"[He] could have put the brakes on in a calm matter and discussed it like an adult if he really wanted to break his promise. But no, he made her feel like shit, and THAT is the real a**hole move.”

Based on all the back-and-forth it seems like people can't seem to agree on much, including on whether the Reddit user is an a**hole or not.

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