A Parent Wants To Name Their Boy Elizabeth & Internet Users Are Melting Down Over It

“Please don’t.”

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A newborn baby boy.

A newborn baby boy.

Picking the perfect name for a baby can be a difficult task for some parents, but at the very least, they can choose to narrow the list down based on the gender of the child.

One Reddit user says they want to do things differently and is suggesting that we should be making names traditionally considered girl names, more appropriate for boys too.

"Well, a lot of names for boys are becoming names for girls. I think it's time to make our move and make some girl names, boy names," the person wrote in their online post.

The person then shares their dilemma, which is that they want to name their son Elizabeth, but they understand that’s an “impossible” name to give to a boy and successfully get away with it.

So they turned to Reddit to find potential boy names with a more feminine touch.

The user asked, “Elizabeth probably is an impossible aim, however, are there any girl's names that can be made masculine, not unisex?"

“If not, I probably will name my son Niklaus or Nathaniel. Really is there a possibility to name son Elizabeth without him hating it?”

People in the comment section didn’t hesitate to call out the Reddit user for their name choice, while others tried to be helpful and gave other suggestions.

One person bluntly asked, “are you nuts?!”

Another user wrote, “please don’t” before offering helpful name suggestions.

"Feminine" names for boys that can I guess slide: Avery, Skylar, Aubrey, Addison, Cassidy, Sheridan,” the commenter continued.

The Reddit user who made the post responded to the comment and said, “noted, thank you,” which means that there’s a chance people’s opinions might sway them away from naming their son Elizabeth.

“Absolutely no way you can use Elizabeth!” wrote another user. “Gentle boys names: Florian, Alexis, Emerson, Nico, Finn.”

“Elizabeth is a stretch. Sasha and Shannon are options, though,” commented another person.

Another user gave a bit of a history lesson in the comment section and revealed that in 1887, Elizabeth was popularly used as a boy name.

"According to SSA (Social Security Administration), Elizabeth was used as a male name in the past. It was most popular in 1887, when 14 boys named Elizabeth were born,” read the comment.

“However, Elizabeth is a strongly feminine name now. Perhaps you could Consider Ellis, which is the masculine form, or Ellery, which is more unisex.”

The comment section was flooded with helpful suggestions by people, but the main consensus was that Elizabeth was definitely not an appropriate name to give to a boy.

Would you give your son a female name?

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