A TikTok Dad Tried To Buy 'Pads With Wings' For His Daughter & It Was The Sweetest Fail

"I f*cked up."

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A dad explaining his story in a TikTok video. Right: Always pads.

A dad explaining his story in a TikTok video. Right: Always pads.

Parenting can have its confusing moments, especially when you're trying to help your child through a major milestone that you might not be familiar with.

That's what happened to one TikTok dad whose daughter got her first period, and who took things a little too literally when he was asked to buy her "pads with wings."

Still, TikTok is applauding his effort, if only because it led to a hilarious result.

TikToker @k.othabarber starts his now-viral video off by saying his "baby mama" texted him saying "hey baby dad, your daughter just got her period at school."

"I'm like alright cool, what I need to do? She's like 'take her some pads up there,'" he explained. "She said 'get her some Always pads with some wings.'"

The TikTok video creator then zooms in on the Always Maxi pads that he got for his daughter and then zooms in on a food container.

"I got her some Always pads and I got her some wings, but I ain't know that's not what she meant," he said. "She meant just the pads that had the wings."

He finished the video by saying, "Yup, I f*cked up. It's all good."


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With over 426,000 views, people are praising the TikToker for his good intentions and his hilarious fail.

"You can never go wrong with both wings🤷🏽🤷🏽😍😍 love this," one person wrote.

Another follower called the man the "BEST DAD EVER!" while another said he "overstood the assignment."

Other people are calling his "fail" an actual win.

"You got her the right pads and some food??? Oh she’s winning. Good job dad," one person noted.

"The pads will help her with her cycle and the wings is emotional support & care," another person wrote.

Some viewers even gave the dad some tips for next time.

"You did great!!! Next add some chocolates or her favorite snacks!" one comment reads.

Based on these comments alone it's safe to say next time your child needs something like sanitary pads, make sure you also bring them some food!

Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
Asymina Kantorowicz is an Associate Editor for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on celebrity and health news and is based in Victoria, British Columbia.
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