A Mom Told TikTok She Still Breastfeeds Her 2-Year-Old Son & Reactions Are Intense

Video shows him walking up to ask for it.

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Emma talking about the TikTok hate. Right: Emma with her weaning toddler.

Emma talking about the TikTok hate. Right: Emma with her weaning toddler.

TikTok is diving into the age-old parenting question about when to stop breastfeeding a child, and one mother’s video about it has everyone riled up.

The mom, Emma, recently posted a video about her experience with weaning her 2-year-old toddler off breastmilk, and TikTok did not take it the way she'd been expecting.

The video shows Emma's son asking to be fed during the first days of weaning him off breastmilk.

"Week 1 of weaning got us like…" reads the caption of her video, followed by the "first rule of wean club: NEVER sit down!!!."

Emma's video has piled up more than 2.6 million views, although she didn't expect the amount of anger and backlash she'd face for sharing a BTS look at her breastfeeding challenges.


First rule or wean club: NEVER sit down!!! #weaning #breastfeading

One user asked in the comment section, "did he put down his beer for that milk?" to which Emma responded, "Haha Omg (...) that's a real knee slapper."

Another asked, "Is that kid in college?" while another asked, "When does he leave for college?"

Emma replied to both comments and clarified that her son is only two, and there are about 17 years left before college comes into the picture.

"This is why I'll stop before they can physically beat me up. Nawww," commented another user.

"Lordy bee, if mine were old enough to do that, I would be mortified," wrote another user. "Breastfed 4 and thank god they weren't old enough to remember, let alone violate me."

Emma responded to the user's comment by writing back, "I'm sorry if you're children needing you mortifies you."


Since the video went up, Emma made a follow-up video addressing all the hate and calling the negativity "shocking."

"When I told you I was in shock this morning, my jaw was literally on the floor. I cannot believe the hate I have woken up to this morning," Emma says in her video.


You do you mama! But its 2022 let’s educate ourselves & NORMALISE natural term breastfeeding!!! #normalisebreastfeeding #extendedbreastfeeding #naturaltermweaning #breastfeeding

"Can we just start by outlining the fact that he's two…TWO."

She then claims that according to the World Health Organization, two is the recommended minimum age till which children should be breastfed and that some cultures even go till the age of seven.

"I've been called disgusting; I've been told I'm wrong; I've been told I have serious issues. I actually had somebody message me and tell me I should be locked up!" Emma added.

"I'm sorry, but if you have issues with that video and you are sexualizing the relationship between a mother and her two-year-old child, I'm not the one with the issues, love," Emma concluded her video.

Although the comment section of her first video was flooded with hate, her follow-up video couldn't be more different.

People left overwhelming support for the mother and argued that she was doing nothing wrong by breastfeeding her child.

"YES MAMA! Whew, I was fighting for you in the comment section," wrote one user. "Perfectly stated. You've done amazing!"

"They recommended waiting till at least 2 now in America. We're finally starting to catch up with the rest of the world," wrote another user.

Even a paediatrician chimed in and commented, "paediatrician here who breastfed my daughter until she was 2.5 years old & would have longer if she wanted!"

The World Health Organization recommends feeding children breastmilk exclusively until they are six months old. After that, it says you should start introducing other foods from 9-11 months and 12-23 months.

The WHO says "complementary feeding" should happen "until 2 years of age or beyond."

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Global Staff Writer
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