A Dad Won't Pay For His Daughter's Car Because She's A Stripper & The Reactions Are Split

"It’s my money."

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A dad having a discussion with his daughter.

A dad having a discussion with his daughter.

Every parent has their own set of rules when it comes to their kids and one dad is sharing what he did after he found out his daughter is working a job he doesn't find acceptable.

The man shared his story on a popular Reddit forum where he outlined how he stopped helping his daughter with car payments after finding out she was working as a stripper while going to college, and people are pretty divided on the whole scenario.

In the post on the popular Am I The A**hole Reddit page, the 47-year-old man says his 22-year-old daughter lives on campus at the college she attends.

He also shared that he agreed to help her with car payments since she's still in school. However, that changed recently after he was told by a young co-worker that his daughter strips at a nearby club.

"I confronted her on this and she said she didn’t plan to do it after she graduated, and she needed some money," he wrote in the post.

"I told her then work at McDonald's, not use her body."

That conversation led to an argument and the father says he asked his daughter to quit stripping.

"She refused and said stripping was easy money, so basically I said there was no need for me to pay her car payment anymore since she is making money so easily."

Not only did the man's daughter get upset, but his wife was also unhappy with how he handled the situation.

"My wife is upset by her job of choice but says it’s unfair for me to stop supporting her so suddenly over an argument," he said.

"I think it’s perfectly fair, it’s my money and my decision when to cut it off."

It seems like the father is now questioning his decision and is asking for the public's help in determining if he was wrong for doing what he did.

People were quick to react and flooded the comments section with over 6,000 replies.

The consensus seems to be that the man is an a**hole, and many people are sharing their perspectives on why the father is doing more harm than good.

"Are you aware you’re going to further push her into stripping by cutting her off financially? She’s going to need more money now," one person wrote.

"She's doing what she has to do. You may not like it, but it pays a lot better than McDonald's for fewer hours, so she doesn't have to run herself ragged while trying to study, work, and have a social life all at the same time," another person commented.

Others are calling out the father's co-worker for bringing it to the man's attention in the first place.

"What kind of a**hole tells a woman's parents that they saw their daughter stripping, as if that's any of his business to get into?" one person wrote and the comment has over 82,000 upvotes.

"Your gross coworker, who goes to strip clubs to ogle women but then tattletales on them, is the biggest AH [a**hole] in this imo [in my opinion]."

Another comment that got a lot of backing says the man was the a**hole for "adding conditions to your agreement after the fact, for shaming your daughter and for not being a man of your word."

One Reddit user also commented saying, "Everyone with a job is selling their body!"

Aside from all the backlash, there were some people who showed the dad their support.

"This will be a hot take, but your daughter is a grown adult and is responsible for her own finances," one person shared. "If her career choice does not fit within the moral standards that you've upheld throughout her upbringing, then you are really under no obligation to continue supporting her."

We're curious to know if the man ended up changing his mind after seeing all the comments on his post or if he's standing by his actions.

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Associate Editor, Global
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