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A TikTok user is blasting men for not wearing condoms in a wildly popular demonstration video, which suggests that the excuses some men use to avoid wearing them are baseless.

The video, which has amassed over 9 million views and 1.6 million likes on TikTok, shows a person successfully putting a condom on their foot and pulling it up all the way to their thigh without breaking it.

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Pro wedding photographers see a lot of drama each summer, but for one popular photog on TikTok, nothing will beat a gig she had where the groom hooked up with the bride's mom.

Photographer Shayla Herrington wowed TikTok last year with tips for spotting couples who won't last, and she's back again with a viral story about the red flag of all red flags.

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Should you be guilt-tripped into continuing a random act of kindness at Starbucks, or is it better to put your foot down and chose when you want to "pay it forward?"

One TikTok user argues that if you're being forced into doing a kind act, it loses its purpose — and she doesn't care if people disagree.

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TikTok life hacks have done wonders for people, from teaching us the right way to open a ketchup packet to helpful travel hacks for our future trips, but some hacks are arguably borderline weird.

The most recent TikTok tip to take the app by a storm is the broccoli hack that user @steph2302 (Stephanie) posted, which has accumulated over 15 million views and ignited a fierce debate among commenters.

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