A Mom Refused To Give Her Kid 'Fairy Bread' & TikTokers Are Mocking Her 'Compost On Toast'

"Just give the kid some fairy bread."

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The TikTok mom's healthy fairy bread. Right: Another TikToker calling out the mom.

The TikTok mom's healthy fairy bread. Right: Another TikToker calling out the mom.

Making sure your child eats a healthy diet and doesn't overindulge in too much sugar is a goal on most parents' minds, so one TikTok mom decided to put a healthy twist on a sweet treat.

Fatimah Omran regularly posts TikTok videos showing home-cooked recipes for her audience, but her take on a healthy version of "fairy bread" has made many people quite unhappy.

In her video, which now has over 4.1 million views, Omran shared how she denied her daughter fairy bread and gave her some vegetables instead.

For those who may not know, fairy bread is a common sweet treat for children in Australia and New Zealand and consists of white bread slathered with butter and topped with colourful sprinkles.

"My daughter wanted fairy bread. I said no. Get me the bread, veggies and coconut," Omran says in the video.


At a party on the weekend and there’s some things you just have to say no to…. If your children love colourful food, then they are going to adore Healthy Fairy Bread 🎉 Would you give this a go? #d#dessert#partyp#partyfoodf#fairybreadhealthy #fyp

She then proceeds to show herself shredding beets, carrots and red cabbage in the video before squeezing the juice out of them and coating some shredded coconut with the juice.

After letting the coconut concision dry out, Omran grabbed some white bread, slapped on the butter and topped it with her veggie coconut mixture and called it "healthy sprinkles."

Omran claims, "It's better than any fairy bread at any party."

But people in the comment section couldn't disagree more and called Omran out for not treating her daughter to actual fairy bread.

One user commented, "just give the kid some fairy bread," followed by a crying face emoji which received over 110,000 likes.

"Could you not have at least used strawberry, kiwi and mango instead?" asked another user. "But surely not, hahaha please give your daughter some fairy bread."

"I think she actually asked for fairy bread, not vegetable-flavoured coconut bread," another user commented.

Another user wrote if "someone hands me this as "fairy bread" they will be catching hands."

Other TikToker's were also bothered by Omran's "healthy" take on the fairy bread and stitched the original video to call her out.

"Fatimah darling, I think your daughter asked for fairy bread, not compost on toast," Veronica Gershonn sarcastically says in her video, which now has almost 2 million views.


#stitch with @Fatimah Omran fairy bread is meant to be magical #fairybread

Her viewers added to Gershonn's frustration in the comment section and agreed with her.

"Imagine asking for fairy bread, waiting for 2-5 business days and getting roast dinner trimming flavoured coconut on toast," wrote one user, to which Gershonn responded saying "literally."

Most people disagreed with Omran's efforts to feed her daughter a nutritious meal instead of a sugary one, so maybe it's okay for parents to bend the rules every once in a while.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry was a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and based in Toronto, Ontario.