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Nicki Minaj's Ex Safaree Samuels Is One Of OnlyFans' Richest Creators & His Monthly Pay Is Wild

The Atlanta rapper made the highest earners' list with his ex-wife Erica Mena.

Safaree drinking a water bottle. Right: Safaree on a beach. ​

Safaree drinking a water bottle. Right: Safaree on a beach.

Georgia Contributing Writer

Atlanta hip-hop artist Safaree Samuels was revealed to be one of the top OnlyFans earners of 2022, and his monthly pays from the site are seriously impressive.

Samuels is a 41-year-old Jamaican-American rapper who launched a career in music back in the early 2000s in the group Hoodstars.

He entered the limelight while dating famous rapper Nicki Minaj. The pair were in a long-term relationship together for 12 years, before calling it quits back in 2014.

The creator joined the cast of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in 2016, where he met his now ex-wife and mother to his children, Erica Mena an American television personality and former model.

Samuels created content alongside his ex-spouse, Mena is also a top earner on the site. It is speculated that Mena's success on the platform was a part of Samuel's motivation to also join in on creating adult content.

According to a report published by the Statista Research Department on June 2022, Safaree supposedly brings in a whopping $1.91 million a month for access to his content. The estimated number is based on 2021 data.

Erica Mena is even richer. She has a big dedicated fan base that is willing to pay for access to her photos and videos, resulting in an estimated $4.49 million monthly earnings.

The pair officially split in 2022 after 3 years of partnership, however, both continue to create content on their individual OnlyFans pages.

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