NY Jets' Zach Wilson’s Ex Abbey Gile Said He Slept With His Mom’s BFF & She Disappeared From IG

She’s now dating his college roommate and responded to the backlash.

Abbey Gile poses for a mirror selfie. Right: Zach Wilson holding a football. ​
Georgia Contributing Writer

Abbey Gile poses for a mirror selfie. Right: Zach Wilson holding a football.

Abbey Gile, the former high school sweetheart of Zach Wilson, has disappeared from Instagram after causing a stir by claiming the New York Jet's quarterback was sleeping with his mom's best friend.

Fans suspected the two quietly broke up this January after the ex-couple unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted all their photos together from their accounts, according to the NY Post.

Drama arose over the weekend after Washington Commanders' wide reliever Dax Milne posted a photo hugging Gile on the beach with the caption "word on the street."

Milne is known as Zach Wilson's former best friend and college roommate.

Gile received backlash following the post as fans took to the comments. One person called her a "homie hopper."

According to a viral tweet posted on July 10, the Utah student defended herself to the user, saying, "he was sleeping with his mom's best friend...that's the real homie hopper 😂 😂."

Milne has since turned off the comments feature under the post.

Wilson appears to have a close relationship with his mother, Lisa Wilson, based on frequent posts made to his official Instagram page.

In one post, he wishes her a happy Mother's Day, calling her "My biggest supporter and one of the only people who believed in me when nobody else did. Love you to the moon and back."

In another celebratory post, he refers to his mom as "the woman who would do anything for me. Teaching me what it takes to become a man. I love you!"

Lisa Wilson owns a clothing line called Live Life Legit and is soon launching a YouTube channel and a podcast, according to her official website.

She went viral in 2021 when her son Zach was drafted as fans assumed she was the girlfriend, reported The Sun.

Neither Zach Wilson nor his mother responded to Gile's allegations that he slept with her best friend. The identity of the alleged BFF is not known at this time.

Gile's Instagram handle, @abbey.gile, is currently linking to a dead-end page.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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